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Comment Re:Good bye to Solaris (Score 3, Informative) 171

I admin AIX and Linux, I hardly ever use SMIT. Everything done through SMIT can be done using the command line, although the syntax is often obscure, but it's also all logged, so you can easily just script the operation in the future. AIX 7.2 now has live kernel updates, which is going to push uptimes even longer, especially combined with live partition mobility. Only hard failures I've had of AIX systems were when both my primary AND secondary storage arrays panicked (gotta love when management goes cheap and bleeding edge). Even then, I was able to recover the vast majority of my partitions without having to rebuild them.

Comment Re:That ship has already sailed. (Score 1) 113

IBM sells Power servers that are only licensed to run Linux for cheaper than the same basic hardware with AIX licenses. I currently administer Power6 and 7 servers, I've got a terabyte of physical RAM in each of the Power7 770's, although not all of it is turned on right now, with over forty logical partitions on each server, primarily running Oracle databases. The biggest barrier against more Linux on Power for my main client is that Oracle won't support Oracle on Linux on Power, otherwise this client would be buying some of the dedicated Linux Power servers. Thirty cores licensed per server, six more available for capacity on demand activation. Some partitions have dedicated ethernet and fibre channel cards, the smaller ones use logical host ethernet adapters and virtual fibre channel adapters (Power8 eliminates the LHEA's, so will have to use virtual ethernet adapters). Many hardware repair operations can be conducted with the main chassis online, especially if there is sufficient capacity to redistribute load to additional enclosures, and if you license the full spectrum for PowerVM, you can migrate partitions between Power systems fairly seamlessly, much like VMWare. Quite honestly, AIX is expensive, but it's easier to administer than Linux in an enterprise environment, there are some areas where Linux still needs some improvement (growing the root volume, for example, with root on SAN, I can grow my root volume group simply by expanding the storage on the array side and running "chvg -g rootvg" and the new storage is recognized, growing a filesystem is simply "chfs -a size=+newstorage /filesystem").

Comment No surprise (Score 1) 478

Watching it happen at a utility local to me, they did a big project upgrading their Oracle Customer Care and Billing system last year, and implementing a matching meter data management product, now they have a new Board of Directors and will be converting both software systems to new solutions, while at the same time reducing their IT staff by 20%, with a lot of outsourcing (some of their stuff was already outsourced with contractors/consultants working on site to manage systems and databases). Knowing some of the comparative utility companies that the accounting firm used as a baseline for the headcount and software recommendations, I'm expecting some major issues in a couple of years.

Submission + - Bombing suspect possibly caught in Boston after chase and shootout (

WolfWalker545 writes: Police chasing a carjacked Mercedes reported shots being fired, at some point the suspects managed to steal a Massachusetts State Police SUV, chase involved reported explosions and automatic weapons fire. One suspect was injured and has been reportedly linked to the Boston Marathon Bombing, manhunt in progress for the second suspect.

Comment Re:Symptomatic of what's wrong with American polit (Score 1) 404

The current Federal laws on manufacture of firearms concentrate on commercial production, using an expansion of Federal powers over commerce that was started in the 1930's by claiming the power to "regulate commerce between the states" meant that if an action had ANY impact on interstate commerce, Congress could regulate it, even to the point of restricting how much wheat a farmer could grow for his own use because by growing it for his own use, because if he wasn't growing his own, he'd have to buy it from interstate commerce. Congress hasn't gone THAT far in regulating firearm manufacture, but they do require Federal licensing and tax payments for any firearm manufactured for sale or on behalf of someone else, and that any firearms someone makes for themselves must comply with the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Gun Control Act of 1968, except personally manufactured firearms are not required to have a serial number or manufacturer's identifying information. Trying to restrict the home manufacture of firearms would likely lead to a successful Supreme Court challenge based on the Second Amendment, much as many of the newly passed or proposed laws governing magazine capacity are likely to fail Supreme Court challenge.

Comment Common tools I use for system/storage admin (Score 1) 416

Tools/equipment I use regularly: Phillips head screwdriver Flathead screwdriver Ratcheting screwdriver with multiple bits Small socket set (1/4") Flashlight Antistatic mat and wrist strap Server lift (especially for getting servers racked in tight spaces or up high) Appropriate cables for console connections Ethernet tester Fibre tester Label maker

Comment Re:Printing Money (Score 1) 632

It's VERY clear that making a firearm for personal use, as long as it is not a type of firearm regulated under the National Firearms Act of 1934, is perfectly, 100% legal under Federal law, there may be state restrictions. There is an entire small industry around what are called "80% receivers", a receiver blank that has had less than 80% of the machining operations performed to produce the final, working receiver is not considered a firearm under Federal law and can be sold without restriction, people buy the 80% receiver blanks and perform the final operations to produce the working firearm (for US law purposes, the receiver is the part that normally has a serial number and, if commercially manufactured, must be manufactured by a licensed manufacturer and distributed through a licensed dealer, all other parts can be bought and sold without any paperwork) at home using a mill, a drill press, or if particularly masochistic, hand tools (for an AR-15 receiver, some types of receivers, including for an AK-47 pattern rifle, are folded and welded sheet metal). A firearm built for personal uses doesn't even require a serial number, although the BATFE highly recommends it, if nothing else to avoid problems with local law enforcement who might confuse a firearm that has never had a serial number, which is legal for one built for personal use, with one that has had the serial number altered, which is a crime. For NFA firearms, other than machineguns (new manufacture of machineguns for civilian use has been prohibited since 1986), a person just needs to go through the process of obtaining a Federal tax stamp (background check, local law enforcement sign off if not incorporated, payment), which currently takes about six months, before starting manufacture. NFA firearms include rifles with a barrel shorter than 16", shotguns with a barrel shorter than 18", silencers/suppressors, firearms that do not look like firearms, machineguns, and firearms such as a shotgun-pistol (short-barreled shotgun with rear pistol grip instead of a stock), these firearms require a serial number and identifying manufacturer information, if an existing commercially manufactured firearm is converted to an NFA firearm, a second set of manufacturing information and serial numbers gets added.

Comment Re:Don't freak out. (Score 1) 846

Do it all the time (although I now have an FFL, it's for curios and relics only and not for dealing firearms). I've built three AR-15s up from bare lower receivers, one I bought a kit that included the complete upper, the other two I bought all of the upper components individually and mounted the barrels and rails myself, I've also installed them for other people.

Comment Re:But ... (Score 1) 846

The easiest repeating firearm to make is an open-bolt submachinegun. Both the Sten gun and the Uzi were designed for ease of manufacture in any small machine shop or even bicycle shop, the MAC-10 is probably even easier than an Uzi since it's just folded sheet metal. The plans are readily available online for any of these.

Comment Re:Market Analysis (Score 1) 352

I'm sure the publisher I know will be glad to know that her company has no overhead when it comes to ebooks, that it's all pure profit... Oh, wait, you completely ignored the very real arguments put forth by the previous poster and instead introduced your own straw arguments... You don't think Amazon, B&N, Apple, etc don't charge for hosting?

Comment My case (Score 1) 458

In my divorce, I kept the domain name that I was the primary user on, I gave my ex the information necessary to transfer her domain name to herself. Email, she set up her own account and told me to delete the one that was tied to the home ISP. The only online account we both used was for purchasing ebooks, I have not removed her access to that, although she says she hasn't used it for a while because her roommates have their own account and maintain local copies on their home servers she can easily access. Any documents she needs (such as copies of old tax returns) are forwarded to her on request. I'm presuming she copied anything she intended to keep off of the home backup servers as she has not felt the need to ask for any of those files (early drafts of some of her writing, story ideas, etc). Technically, anything she left in my house after a certain date was forfeit, but I don't have to be a prick about it, I'll accommodate reasonable requests, but I also won't feel bad if I'm cleaning up and dispose of something that had been hers and she later tries to ask for it.

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