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Comment Cloud (Score 1) 353

I'm pretty sure "cloud" is actually (presently) the most abused word in IT. Recent Microsoft ads would have us believe that remoting to a desktop over the Internet and photo editing are now all possible thanks to the cloud. And execs talk about putting web apps and email in the cloud--what we used to just call hosting things on da Internet. There are few words as misunderstood as cloud right now.
The Internet

Submission + - Outsourcing corporate email services?

An anonymous reader writes: The company I work for is at a point where it is contemplating moving to a completely outsourced mail system verses using the one we've had in-house since the dawn of time (or at least as long as the company has been around). Right now we are on the fence as outsourcing our email would get rid of the burden of operations being responsible for the mail system but outsourcing also means we have little to no control over it.

I'm curious if any of you slashdotters have actually done this and what your experience has been. Better to learn from others victories and mistakes instead of learning the hard way. I'd very much appreciate any advice you have on this subject. Thanks!
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Miss America assists in online pedophile sting

Rob T Firefly writes: "New York Newsday reports on a recent stint by Lauren Nelson, the current "Miss America," as the bait in an online pedophile sting operation. As part of her stated goal to use her "reign" to promote Internet safety for children, Nelson gave police in Suffolk County, New York, photos of herself as a teenager, with which a fake online profile for a 14-year-old girl was created. From there it was a standard pedophile sting operation, with several men chatting with her online, and eventually going to "her" house to meet her for sex.

From the article:

Nelson said she welcomed the men into the home when they arrived, but that's when Suffolk officers and the rolling cameras of "America's Most Wanted" television show with John Walsh, moved in, according to an account on the show's Web site.
The sting will be featured on the America's Most Wanted show on Saturday. As one commenter to the story on Newsday's site put it, "Boy, I can imagine the disappointment on those guys' faces when Miss America opened the door to let them in.""

Help Make Firefox On Mac Suck Less 375

bluephone writes "Colin Barrett, one of the new Mac geniuses, and an Adium developer, has posted an entry on his blog offering an open call to all Mac users of Firefox asking them, 'What sucks about Firefox on the Mac?' He says he already knows about and is trying to solve such things as: 'Native Form Widgets (currently scheduled for Firefox 3), Keychain Integration, Firefox should have a Unified toolbar (not completely hopeless, it turns out), Performance...', but he wants to hear what else Mac users want from Firefox. So please, if you're a user of Macs and the interwebs, then RTFA, unclog your tubes, and send him your ideas."

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