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Comment Re:We need more competition, not less. (Score 1) 67

MCI did not buy UUNET. Worldcom bought UUNET then bought MCI. I worked for MCI at the time. Hence my user name. We were praying British Telecom would win the bid. But the felons won. What killed MCI was they bought SkyTel and passed on buying Cellular One. They bet on pagers. MCI then resold Sprint PCS cell service. But never owned a cell company. Worldcom was LDDS then bought Brooks Fiber and UUNET. Then got MCI and then MFS. Worldcom imploded AFTER the FCC killed to buyout of Sprint. We became MCI again. Then Verizon bought us and we became Verizon Business. The build out of the internet really stopped when the Enron/Worldcom crap hit the fan. Quest, Broadwing/Cincinnati Bell and Level3 were the only ones after that laying new cross county fiber networks. Quest merged with US West and became Centurylink.

Comment Re:They tell you upfront it isn't going to be good (Score 1) 191

Even with all of that the bottom lines is that Avery Brooks (Sisko) in not a good actor. Or in the very least was totally wrong for the Sisko role. Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) was better in her role. But not much. Just cast the BEST actor for the role. NOT the correct LOOKING actor.

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