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Submission + - AdBlock Plus Teams With AdTech To Provide 'Fast Track' For Publishers

An anonymous reader writes: AdBlock Plus has created its own advertising platform on AdTech, one of the network advertising providers that it has been blocking for years. The Acceptable Ads Platform (AAP) will allow medium-size publishers to choose acceptable ad formats for their products, which will be shown to adblocking users in the same place as the blocked ad would have appeared. Users will get to vote on whether the ads are acceptable, via the same kind of in-ad reporting tool that DoubleClick uses, and down-voted ads will be less likely to win the microsecond auctions that decide which ad will show on page load. The system is currently in beta, and relying, unusually, on end-users taking the trouble to vote positively for web-page advertisements. The company is still taking 30% of revenue from participating publishers.

Comment Re: Trump will reverse it (Score 1) 163

Research the 1937 Pitman_Robertson Act. It is a 11% federal excise tax on firearms, ammunition, bows and arrows. This generates between $177 and $324 million dollars a year for wildlife consonvertation. Hunters are the best conservationist. Without animals and habitat you have no hunting.


Comment Re:Broken Windows Policing (Score 1) 191

If the DoJ virtually never prosecutes violations of gun laws, why is it a big deal that they are trying to create new gun laws?

By definition a criminal does not follow the law. New laws only affect the law abading. Correct? SO new laws do not affect criminals one bit and only restrict the freedom of the law abiding. OR create NEW criminals who will not follow the new laws.

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