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Comment Re:Alternative to headline (Score 1) 97

The problem is the network is operating 100% as designed. The neighborhood node is unfortunately so over sold that they just drop connections. Think about airlines and overbooking flights. Some people get bumped from full flights. During prime time they bump people off the net. No use in making tickets or rolling a truck. Nothing is wrong with the infrastructure. It is working a designed. It is the over selling of the neighborhood node that is the problem.

Comment Re:Louisiana is one big sinkhole (Score 1) 307

Pull up Google earth and look at all of the Oilfield canals in the coastal marsh. The 1st offshore oil well in the world was drilled south of Morgan City and offshore drilling was born there. The problem is the US Government has stolen all of the money from offshore drilling in Louisiana's waters from the 1950's to today. States that do not allow drilling in their own waters get a cut of what is rightly Louisianans money. It will not cost the Fed anything. Just give LA the royalties from the existing infrastructure.

Comment Re:Not Quite Right (Score 1) 227

OTA (On The Air) i assume either operate differently where you live ( i assume US ) then where i live because here i have 3 types of channel OTA and they are:
1. Public Service (paid for by goverment or similar arrangement)
2. Ad Subsidized (paid for by dvr-skippable ads)
3. Pay to view (paid for by subscription)

So OTA is financed pretty much the same way.just have less anti-skip protection especially when the OTA part is analog.

No. In the US. The TV station applies for a broadcast licence from the FCC/Fed Gov. which includes the Broadcast spectrum. They PAY the Gov for the right to broadcast. It is an operating expense. The FCC/Gov makes money by issuing licences.

Comment Re:Not Quite Right (Score 1) 227

Would you prefer that it be $150 per month? Because if there were no ads, the channel owners would probably ask for that much on pain of declining to offer their copyrighted works at all.

I don't and won't pay for any of it. I am voting with my wallet and screen time. Internet, HTPCs w/KODI and tuners on every TV and an OTA antenna. How did the 50+ year old OTA broadcast networks make any money and still be around? Screw the paid subscription services with unskippable ads.

Comment Re:shocked! (Score 1) 248

Uh, yeah. If they really only want to see if it's an employee doing it on company time, then it's no longer "political". That's actually a crime for a federal government worker to do such. The only real problem would be if it's not a government worker and they harass him - at that point I'll be concerned.

They cited tax law on imports as the basis for the warrant.

How exactly are tweets criticizing the President related to investigate power for

determining the liability of any person for duty, fees and taxes due or duties, fees and taxes which may be due the United States"

Obviously there is zero relationship, and this is purely an attempt to abuse unrelated investigative powers for political purposes.

Maybe they are investigating who is PAYING for this account? Who and what they are doing with money from somewhere?

Comment Re:You are assuming (Score 4, Informative) 188

Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA)

FBI through an office in Quantico can directly tap ALL network main switches. The government PAID AT&T and Verizon to upgrade the switches to IP. The FBI added Colo cabinets at the main switch sites. The FBI can wiretap directly WITHOUT interacting with Verizon or AT&T.

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