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Comment Re:License to work (Score 2) 639

Shouldn't John Deere be clear then, and say they only rent tractors

All this software is directly tied to "Climate Change". The big diesel engine equipment is having a hell of a time passing the new emissions. The same mechanical fuel injection from the 60's is not legal anymore. EVERYTHING is computer controlled and has us use DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid).The new tractors are overly complicated compared to just 10 year old tractors and not near as reliable. 99% of farmers repair their own equipment and the FEDS do not want the emission systems bypassed. So the software is locked down tight with a manufacture only access to kill any aftermarket fixes that increase emissions.

Comment Re:would have voted for Trump had it been Gingrich (Score 2) 413

Its not the provable science at issue. It is the far left new-communist SOLUTIONS. Global wealth redistribution is the only solution. No mistake that is what carbon trading and carbon credits are. How can first world countries giving billions to 3rd world war lords help the climate in anyway? It will only make the new UN Politburo the most powerful unelected people on the planet. THAT is the progressive wet dream. Control EVERY person on the planet.

Comment Re:Like 'World of Warcraft' (Score 1) 168

WoW is down from its 10 million peak, but it is at least at 3 million players still. That's certainly nontrivial.

Soon to be about 1 million with in 1 year. Blizzard took all the skill out of WoW and made it a AFK Facebook game. They drove off the hardcore no life players in favor of 4 hour a week casuals. Face it MMOs are dead in terms of growth.

Comment Re:Facebook will pay carriers (Score 1) 37

In my area you have 90 days to connect to a new service sewer or water main in the area. If you do not connect in the first 90 then you are served official notice by the city marshal and given another 90 days. After 180 days the city will get your power meter removed and condemn the property until you connect to the sewer or water mains.

So. Everyone hooked up to sewer and everyone got a water meter. But a lot just put a single water faucet one foot from the new water meter and kept her house on well water. Because the sewer user fee is based on the amount of water used on the meter. The city then added a minimum sewer fee of $10 and a min water fee of $10.

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