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Comment Make politician emails public facing (Score 1) 102

As these people were using an email account supplied by the school district, the simple solution is to automatically make all of the email from each board member public facing. Something similar to google groups email would work. They can discuss things all they want, and it is all in 'public' as it is available right away.

Comment Use a Faraday Cage wallet (Score 5, Interesting) 273

I've been using a Faraday Cage wallet and passport holder by DIFRwear: for several years now. I don't work for them, but with the very cheap wallet prices and sturdy construction I've been very pleased with the products. I can testify that they do work as I have an RFID key card and it won't activate the door if in the wallet.


TSA Pats Down 3-Year-Old 1135

3-year-old Mandy Simon started crying when her teddy bear had to go through the X-ray machine at airport security in Chattanooga, Tenn. She was so upset that she refused to go calmly through the metal detector, setting it off twice. Agents then informed her parents that she "must be hand-searched." The subsequent TSA employee pat down of the screaming child was captured by her father, who happens to be a reporter, on his cell phone. The video have left some questioning why better procedures for children aren't in place. I, for one, feel much safer knowing the TSA is protecting us from impressionable minds warped by too much Dora the Explorer.

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