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Submission + - Top 5 Linux Myths Dispeled (

slashy writes: " publishes a list of Top 5 most common myths and dispels them once and for all. Matt Hartley comments, "Ah, this is one of my favorites. It seems that Linux users have long since been seen as cheap, despite the fact that so many of them in the States earn up to six figures. First, define cheap? Are we cheap because we choose not to buy brand new everything with every release of our selected OS? It certainly shines some light on why hardware manufactures have been less than excited to provide better driver support, doesn't it?"

Comment Re:Web sites are becoming bloated (Score 1) 653

On Linux, I spill over into virtual memory all the time. Linux also seems to be much worse at switching data in and out of virtual memory. I have no idea what's causing this, but I've definitely noticed it.
That would be because Linux is written to use your RAM as to the max. It will keep as much in your RAM as possible. Which is sort of good, considering you probably bought it to use it :-).

Submission + - Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 320GB Review

mrneutron2004 writes: Normally selling at a manufacturers retail price of $169, we ran across it in this week's OfficeMax circular with a $70 instant rebate. A $99 price tag made this device all the more appealing, especially considering it's a Seagate product with a 5 year limited warranty. -freeagent-desktop-320gb-review.html?Itemid=27

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