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Comment Re:Can someone who plays explain some things (Score 3, Informative) 101

When you die, you lose your ship right? What on earth would compel a team to enter a tournament unless they were sure they were in range of the top 4 spots?

Ships are not irreplaceable. If you play Eve, you WILL lose ships.

How isolated are these tournaments? Can random people just fly in and start messing stuff up? Can you run away if you're about to be killed?

The GMs move the teams to a specially isolated system where there is no way in and no way out. If you leave a certain radius from the center of the arena you are automatically destroyed. You can't return to the field after fleeing, so there's never anything to gain from running before doing as much damage as you can.

What are the limitations of the team? What's to stop a really rich team from having a better loadout? Or a really big team? Can you have a large team of cheap ships?

Different ships are assigned a point value, with a hard point limit imposed on each team. You can have a few expensive ships, quite a few cheaper ships, or some mix. It should be noted that both in terms of tournament points as well as in-game cost, the ability of a ship does not scale linearly with price. A ship that is 50% as expensive as another will probably be more than 50% as effective.

How many human players are involved in a battle.

Not sure what the hard limit on participants is, but I imagine that usually the limit is ship value as stated earlier.

Don't you think for streaming purposes they should remove the red/blue overlay which makes a cool space battle look like just a bunch of squares standing around if you don't know the game?

Doing so would ruin the value of the video broadcast for those who DO know what's going on. It would be reduced to a seemingly random video of shooting and explosions.

Hope I've helped.

Comment Re:first post? (Score 1) 902

He signed a credit card reform bill that had a guns in parks provision pasted into it. He didn't want to veto the entire bill on the basis of one sneaky addition, so he passed it. He's hardly a friend of the gun-owner. In his campaign, he promised to renew the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 that expired in 2004. He hasn't said a word about guns since the election.

So which is worse: That he said he would be anti-gun, or that he failed to deliver on his promises once elected?

Comment Re:A fresh start (Score 4, Insightful) 859

What about the rights of Walter Sedlmayr, who the duo tortured, mutilated, and killed because he was gay? He apparently doesn't matter anymore, you know, because they murdered him.

Everyone makes mistakes, right? Hogwash.

So these men should have a chance at a normal life again? What about Sedlmayr's normal life?

Comment Re:Rocket science? (Score 1) 823

All these things are good things, but they have a cost. If *you* decide that I need to recycle, so you come and rob me at gunpoint to get the funds for your recycling program, then you go to jail for aggravated robbery. But if you convince your senator to inflict a tax upon me (a tax which, if not paid, will result with men holding guns on my front porch) in order to get your recycling program, then it's called "social change".

This is why environmental socialism is bad. It's not that mass transit, clean energy, conservation, and recycling programs are bad things, but that you are essentially saying that we should pay for the solution you propose, or else be carted off to prison.


Submission + - 3.0 Wants to Compete with Outlook

jason writes: At the 2007 conference about a month ago there was a presentation on what to expect in the next major milestone for their Microsoft Office competitor. "The presentation mentions bundling Thunderbird with their Office Suite, and refers to it as an 'Outlook replacement.' This is all assuming that Thunderbird recently losing two of it's main developers doesn't affect the decision, because I'm sure OpenOffice wants to ensure that Thunderbird will continue to progress before including it." This probably won't sway large corporations away from using Microsoft Office, but it could make it more intriguing for the smaller businesses that are looking to cut some costs.

Submission + - ATA Detains Passenger Over "Flight Mode" i

URSpider writes: "C|Net, among others, is reporting that an ATA passenger was detained by police after arriving in Hawaii after repeatedly refusing to stop using his iPhone during the flight. The passenger claims that his phone was in "airline mode", which disables WiFi and cellular transmissions and renders the iPhone no different than an iPod. This comes hot on the heels of the recent announcement that Japanese airlines are banning the use of PSP's and headphones on all flights. With the proliferation of wireless-enabled devices, can flight attendants be expected to know which ones can be disabled? Can passengers be trusted to turn off WiFi and Bluetooth on their smartphones and gaming consoles?"

AMD's New DRM 382

DefectiveByDesign writes "Remember how AMD said they'd make use of ATI's GPU technology to make better technology? Well, not all change is progress. InfoWorld's Tom Yager reports that AMD plans to block access to the framebuffer in hardware to help enforce DRM schemes, such as allowing more restricted playback of Sony Blu-Ray disks. They can pry my Print Screen key from my cold, dead fingers."

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