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Comment Infrasound: One possible explanation of hauntings (Score 1) 810

I read this article recently which mentions one explanation for "hauntings":

So, one thing to check for would be infrasound. If you find it and can identify the source, you may be able to put a stop to the "hauntings".

Comment Re:Linux FS rocks (Score 1) 166

He was saying that in AIX it's all integrated and therefore easy and AIX admins tend to think of the way it's done in Linux as a step backwards, BUT with the Linux way of doing things it's much more flexible exactly because "every partition / [logical] volume can be partitioned again, and so on."

Comment Re:So where was the magic (Score 1) 172

See also this LWN article:

He shows how he straightened a picture he took and also mentions the SIFT algorithm which is disabled by default because of software patents. He says:

Your editor, being a daring sort of person, decided that he wanted to find out just what sort of functionality is being denied to hugin users by the oppressive US software patent regime. As it happens, Fedora users can get around patent-based repression by installing the autopano-sift-C package from the rpmfusion repository and tweaking the program preferences to use the real autopano tool. The difference is striking: with autopano-sift-C installed, the program proceeds immediately from image selection to a preview window; the whole "control points" and "optimization" process just sort of goes away. This package does a great job of finding control points, at least on your editor's sample image set.

Comment Re:Prize for Medicine (Score 1) 123

Yes, because more people can copy him and up the sample size. If enough people do this ( also switching hands, say cracking their right hand and not their left, and also noting left or right handedness ) then you know the results are valid barring any association between liklihood of doing this and assymetric arthritis. Possibly there is a gene that causes both OCD and arthritis.

No, no, that's not double-blind! You have to have someone cracking (or not) your knuckles without you knowing it and also without them knowing whose knuckles are being cracked.

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