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Comment Are home routers still going to be a thing? (Score 1) 238

Up here in Canada, it's increasingly common for the ISP to provide all-in-one router and modem units. And... what end user even has a clue what putting a modem into "bridge" mode means... other than more work?

At some point, it's just more confusing for Apple to sell routers. I suspect they'll launch some sort of AP-only in the future to support various proprietary stuff.

Comment Huh. Never thought much about it...but AWS... (Score 1) 86

Anyone who has used 3rd party "web hosting"... should know this. At least my current web host has the decency to pretend they can't see my files without my password when I ask for support. :)

I hadn't thought about it much, but Amazon, through the sheer scale of AWS is trusted with a whole lot of data. What does their ToS say they can do with it?

Comment Who said it was battery powered? (Score 3, Interesting) 242

This sounds a lot like the diesel-electric "hybrids" that power trains. Diesel generators generate electricity to power electric propellers. It makes sense to me... of course I know nothing about this stuff. If my assumption is correct, a nice benefit would be that aircraft could use cheaper fuel rather than jet fuel (which I assume costs more per litre... I think it does, if only because of lower volumes).

Comment Re:Google needs to look at itself!! (Score 1) 117

It's a bottomless pit. I've personally banned hundreds of advertisers with crap "download" banner ads - I suspect they're automatically created AdWords accounts, or some variant of dirt cheap labour.

I want the ad revenue, but not at the expense of my visitors getting mislead - that's bad for the sales side of my website.

Come to think of it, it's been about a month since I did a purge in my AdSense account... I'd probably be shocked and appalled at the new batch of crap ads...

Comment Strongly discouraged... (Score 1) 269

I strongly discourage any friends or family that I notice are using local ISP email accounts from doing it. I wouldn't trust it to keep the good email. LOL, for a while, our local cable co was spam binning their OWN newsletter. I do a lot of work with an opt-in email newsletter, so I've monitored a test email box with the cable company for years - it's bad, bad, bad. Coincidentally, they've recently changed something, and now a lot of spam emails don't even hit the junk folder, they simply vanish.

Comment Re:Pinto (Score 1) 247

So... you're against trucks running late yellows and reds while leaning on their horns? Yeah. I drive a car on one of the major truck routes in our city... it freaks me out how often trucks run the lights... and I keep an eye on the rear view mirror every time I'm the first car to stop at a light.

Comment Re:IMHO... someday they'll have a 100mi range mode (Score 1) 133

But, my point is that a 100mi range car, that I can temporarily upgrade to 2-300mi range, is a FAR better value than a 100mi range car that has no such option (if they're about the same price). In fact, I wouldn't even consider a strictly short range vehicle over a gas car, if I only had the budget for 1 car. In addition, Tesla will probably continue to have the best charging network for these vehicles. I'm not saying that all Gen3 would be medium range, I think they've stated 200mi range for the launch edition, I'm just saying, that I wouldn't be surprised if an even cheaper Gen3 option with a smaller battery became available in the future. Who knows, maybe a few generations of batteries later, and the battery swap will be able to give a Model S a temporary 400mi range (with a taller battery, maybe).

Comment IMHO... someday they'll have a 100mi range model.. (Score 1) 133

I actually did read the article which seemed to think this was all a ploy to get additional green credits. While I'm sure this is a factor, here's my theory. Some day they'll want to release a cheaper model (which isn't even a secret) but with a lower battery capacity, say 100mi. More than enough for most people on their daily commutes. But, give the option for a battery swap to the 2-300 mile battery for the big trips. They get to trim a few K off the cost of their most entry level edition, and the buyer can still use their car for a big roadtrip, they just have to rent the big battery for the cost of a tank of gas!

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