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Comment Re:Bring on the lausuits (Score 1) 599

The part I don't understand is how telecoms have a sense that content providers are getting a free ride. The last time I checked I pay for my broadband access and I also pay the content providers (some, like Google indirectly). It makes sense that telecoms would have to adjust their networks based on what their customers want to do with their service (since we are the ones paying the bill). After all I'm paying for INTERNET access not INTRANET access.

Comment I think you're wrong. (Score 1) 229

Your idea assumes that the price-per-kb is reasonable. If you look at what people are currently charged by AT&T for "overage", you get an idea of what they think they should charge. The only reason that your "package" price-per-kb is lower is because most people don't use it all. If you only actually paid for what you use, you'd be paying a *LOT* more for it (close the the "overage" rate I expect).

Comment Re:Down the line... (Score 1) 248


If the actors/actresses didn't get these ridiculous salaries there'd be no need for so many ads.

I think that's a catch 22. If you where the star of a show making $5000 per episode and found out that each episode was turning a profit of $3,000,000 then you'd probably want a higher salary since your effort is making someone else so much money. Just like with movie actor's salaries if an actor becomes more popular more people come to see their movies and the movies make progressively more money and of course the actor would want a higher salary.

Comment Re:Down the line... (Score 1) 248

If you could subscribe only to the specific programs that you wanted, and in doing so receive them free of advertising, but pay all costs via your fees, , what would your cost per hour be?

As good as this seems on paper, along with the idea of being able to only subscribe to the channels you want I think the reality of it would suck. I believe that if the revenue model for television had always been a subscription per show or even channel basis then a lot of shows/channels would have never existed. If you look at what shows are popular now then I hope you LOVE reality TV and want to watch all 17 variations of Survivor and American Idol that would come to be. I hope you don't like sci-fi because there wouldn't be enough money in it to make any of those shows. The fact is I (and probably a lot of others) watch a LOT of TV we wouldn't pay specifically for.

Comment Re:Ok..So verizon has shown they cant be trusted.. (Score 1) 168

Just an observation, in your post you mention "if the device is not subsidized by verizon, and is the user's personal property". Assuming that ownership of the device makes a difference, I think you could argue that he owns it either way. If I buy a phone that's worth $500 for $200 in exchange for a 2 year contract then there will be a penalty that will more than pay for the phone if I cancel. If that penalty is part of my agreement then I don't see how the phone wouldn't be considered "mine" since I've agreed to either honor my contract or reimburse them if I don't; assuming I do either of those that phone is mine.

Comment Re:Seriously? 6-3??? (Score 1) 648

If the shoes you bought were subsidized with taxpayer money would you still feel right about it? What if you go get free food from the homeless shelter and then turn around and sell it for profit?

A lot of countries subsidize textbooks so they cost next to nothing for the general public. This guy is profiting off of public good will.

If that's true then the sale of those items should be better controlled. If I walk into a government subsidized bookstore and they let me buy 1000 copies of the same book and walk out the door then there is a problem.

Comment Re:not really a zeroday exploit... (Score 1) 40

I imagine the team(s) that responded to the security threat didn't know it was a drill. I think the idea was to create the situation using a real security hole but with the cooperation of an engineer that was playing the part of a "tricked" employee to allow the vulnerability to be exploited in a realistic way. I ASSUME that the team members responsible for the creation of the exploit program were not part of the team(s) that responded to the incident.

Comment Trek (Score 1) 121

I love Star Trek, but this isn't Star Trek. Although we should prevent accidental contamination of another ecosystem, I don't think we should freak out if it happens. Natural cross-contamination (meteors, etc) stand a good chance of being the reason there is life here on Earth.

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