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Comment Very misleading headlines (Score 4, Informative) 317

Does anyone seem to realize that work from home is not being banned, but PERMANENTLY working from home? There is a huge difference. Casual work from home is much different than never seeing your coworkers. Is permanent working from home a scapegoat? Perhaps, but it's not unreasonable that troubled companies need all hands on deck while at their most vulnerable.

Comment Re:How does Apple use rumors? (Score 1) 195

Sure, they use it generate interest. I certainly hope they do. But what if they did something else instead?

What if the rumor-mongered to generate ideas?

Apple seems to do it all the time now too. Maybe it's just looking for a conspiracy when there isn't one, but think about it. What a great business model:

1. Think about something that people are dissatisfied with and is lagging technologically.
2. Use your reputation and clout to monger a rumor about an "upcoming" product.
3. Cherry pick ideas generating by hundreds of people.
4. Develop and polish product.
5. Profit!

Seems pretty simple to me. You off-load all of your speculative R&D efforts onto the public. That is probably the most cost-intensive portion of any company that relies on innovation. Brilliant!

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