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Comment Re: Arrest warrent is being drawn up now (Score 1) 337

Well, this is a slightly off-topic tangent, and what the kid in TFA did and boasted about is clearly theft of service - but if given the choice between Federal and state prison (and avoiding prison all together is not an option), you definitely want the Federal.
State prisons are very much more unpleasant places full of violent offenders; Federal are populated with more white-collar criminals, tax evaders, etc.

Comment Re:Unfettered capitalism (Score 3, Insightful) 639

Wrong. When there are no brands that offer "fix it yourself" tractors, where are these smart farmers supposed to go? Abstain in protest and hope the manufacturers budge before they (the farmers) go under? This can only "work itself out" if there is proper competition in the marketplace.

The DMCA in this case is stifling competition by enforcing a legal fiction of "No user serviceable parts inside". Remove that roadblock, and other entities (diagnostic tool makers, etc.) are free to reverse-engineer the status codes and introduce competition in the servicing of these tractors. Then the market can work itself out. This is a case of a government-enforced monopoly artificially distorting the market. Free-market economics can absolutely fix this situation, and is exactly what the farmers are asking for. And this market (tractor service) has traditionally been free prior to this DMCA nonsense.

Copyrights were never intended to prevent someone from fixing a piece of equipment that they own, be it a tractor or a car. And make no mistake, auto manufacturers are heading this direction as fast as they possibly can, which is why us non-farmers should pay attention to this issue.

Comment Re:Umm no. (Score 1) 257

Even Microsoft can make an OS that doesn't require the manufacturer's blessing to install updates. Google needs to fix the OS, not the OEMS.

Disagree. I don't trust Google to reliably test every single Android device on the market and send out updates that don't brick any of them. The carriers and manufacturers need to be held criminally liable for (1) not patching devices that have been for sale for under two years and (2) withholding any security updates for marketing reasons.

While I agree with your sentiment, good luck proving number (2), and for (1), they'll claim "technical difficulties", "we're working on it".

Comment Unlock the damn devices (Score 1) 257

And let us update them ourselves.

What's the manufacturers rationale for keeping control of this? QA? They're not willing to dedicate the QA resources it takes to give us these updates. Open it up, and let the community take care of it, if there's a big enough community who wants to. If there's not, we're still no worse off than today.

Cynical but probably true: they don't want to, and they don't even want those updates available. They want you to buy a new device. Gotta keep that treadmill rolling.

Comment Re:Good, good (Score 2) 546

I suppose someone could complain about that - or about any number of things. I only meant that I found nothing to complain about.

Personally the removal of auto-refresh is my favorite change of all. So annoying when I'm reading the summary of an article halfway down the page, and the whole thing reloads, invariably scrolling the summary I was reading off the screen. Good riddance!

Comment Re:I actually found this funny (Score 1) 908

I lack a skill that most people posses -- I find it difficult to "read between the lines" when I'm talking to people. I miss subtext and "unspoken" bits of info. I don't lack that skill when READING.

You pointed out the exact example (in a different way) that the parent provided (you with compounding interest and the parent with compounding growth). While % itself is exactly what you describe, it is also exactly what the parent described over time which makes sense given the context of his post.

Basically, the parent left out just two words at the end of his second sentence -- "over time". But that is made abundantly clear by the second sentence.

Almost, but not quite. "2% over time" is still linear. You need a third word - "compounded". "2% compounded over time" is exponential.

Think of it this way: If I measure a value over a period of time, and calculate a percentage of that value at each point in time and give it a name, that's one thing. If I measure a value and then add a percentage of that value to the original, thus changing the value being measured, that is a very different thing, and has a very different effect.

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