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Comment Re:Depends on what you have (Score 1) 982

Um, small tiles will let you have heaps of programs on your start menu. Something like 40. This is practically the best thing about W10, pinning something you run once a month or longer that W7 can never seem to remember (and who goes into All Apps anymore, seriously, browsing an app tree is a time sink) right where you'll never lose it.

Comment Re:I've seen more BSODs with W10 (Score 2) 982

If we're going to be anecdotal, I've been on W10 since the early days, and have seen precisely two BSODs, both directly related to sleeping after suspending a VMWare VM. Other than updates, my restarts -- VM or otherwise -- are simply rare, and I hammer the hell out of my machine between developing and gaming.

Comment Would recommend (Score 1) 982

First off, telemetry and tracking are not the same thing. Many applications do telemetry, and it's primarily around improving quality. I know this because as a consultant I see a lot of codebases, and no, they rarely ask for permission. Railing against reality is a bit Quixotic; take a deep breath and move on.

And yes I would recommend a Win 7 -> Win 10 upgrade. The Ctrl-Esc experience is simply superior overall, faster boot, storage spaces for the techies, better multi-monitor experience, and obviously my Surface Pro (8.1 -> 10 is a no-brainer) would be nigh unusable without touch support. Also, since I use a lot of VMs, I like my settings and and apps following me around. Given the imminent release of proper long file name support, the upgrade becomes even more compelling to the javascript crowd.

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