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Comment Use a manager, use 2fa (Score 3, Insightful) 415

I use LastPass just fine, because every site where getting my login details would hurt, I use 2fa: Microsoft, my bank, PayPal, LastPass, Google, etc. Sure I'm picking up my phone once in a while but it's a good balance between secure and convenient. Far less secure are card details; mine got compromised recently but was detected and reversed almost immediately. Which is why I use PayPal whenever possible.

Comment Re:"IT" is on its way out (Score 1) 272

I got lucky. I got into cloud migrations and then devops over the last 3.5 years and it's been amazing. All the buzzwords hated by so many in this group have positively transformed so many disfunctional blue chip organizations. Obsolete: Project Manager. DBA. On-Prem server IT. Approaching obsolete: UAT. As a bleeding edge dev well into my 50's, I reject any assertion that I can't get hired. I get "hired" constantly when a client sees my profile -- aka CV -- and pulls me in on a million+$$ project.

Comment Re:Not sure you have a lot of options? (Score 1) 222

Every time someone voluntarily went to a Windows 10 PC (even though there are alternatives), they have a horror story about it

Hyperbole = bollocks. My partner and I are on W10, it's heaps better than W7 or W8*, and we have no horror stories. Almost everything I use auto-saves, apps reload on reboot, and I have enough discipline to save Notepad files or Sql Manager queries if I want to keep them.

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