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Comment Re:Old Smart Phones are the best! (Score 1) 273

Last year i had two sets of parents come to the door with no kid.. their kids were on the sidewalk. they told me that their kids were so scared to come up my drive way so they sent the parents to get the candy. i got a huge thumbs up and a job well done from a big Tattooed out Motorcars guy. made my year. heheh scaring kids.. lol

Comment Old Smart Phones are the best! (Score 5, Interesting) 273

I have a few Smart Phones i am not using so i Downloaded a few apps and things to make the Cells make Spooky Noises when one ditects sounds. and another phone set closer to my door where it detects movement (using fishing line attached to the phone and the other side attached to a moving lawn spider i have, he is 8' and has moving legs but now when he moves it makes cool spooky noises ) My Sony Smart watch as a live view finder for my other non used Smart phone allows me to see kids coming up the drive way so i can be perpaird to make the fog machine spew out thick fog. I did make a Green Laser Vortext this year too.. Green Laser & small motor to make a mirror spin & Fog Machine & a small fan makes some of the coolest effects. So now i got Two green, two red, and two blue lasers for this halloween haunt going. FYI - blue lasers are great as Super Black Lights!!!!!!! man they make glow in the dark things bright!

Comment Three Years of Smart Watches.. (Score 1) 365

I have had each version of the Sony Smart watch, from the first Live View "watch" back on 2009 to my now 2nd gen Sony Smart Watch. what i learned is that, YOU NEVER BUY the first of anything type of new tech, the 2nd one is always better because end users finally get to test them for real and let the devlopers know what needs to be fixed/added/imporved. Everyone I run into / or sees my watch from the other side of the room comes over to ask. People in elevators are always interested on why i am looking at my watch.. i say "i am reading my Face Book time line.." then i have to go into how it will show incoming tweets, incoming calls and can answer them or reject them with out taking my phone out of my pocket. If you are looking for a Wrist Phone, these are not them.. this is NOT Dick Tracy or Bat Man style that the commercials show, as the SamSung and Sony Smart Watches hook up to your Smart Phone.. so you still have to carry around a brink. Now if you want a Watch Phone.. check or there is a TON of them out there for well under the price that Samsung is trying to sell their BS watch for. so all in all.. Go with SONY they are already on the 4th version and it is cheaper and does more as there has been apps written for them for YEARS now.

Comment Pay for you own data Lady (Score 1) 227

if you want Pandora to do all that for you, you as a muscian would have to PAY THEM and then you wont get any money when people listen. I'd say Update your Face Book page lady! and or your Wiki too.. your fans will follow you if they are your fans. As a Pandora user, I DO NOT LOOK at it.. i start the program and turn the screen off on what ever device i am using to listen. Automated scripts i have will press the I am still listening and or the Close on ads when they pop up. so her proposal on adding in info to Pandora will be useless for a user like me. (90% of us do what i do from what i have read)

Comment I have - Xperia Play and i 3 it (Score 1) 89

So I have been playing PSP games on my Android for over a year... also it plays NES, SNES, PS-One, N64, Genesis so smoothly and with the pop out game pad i am the talk of the street or store when i pull it out to play a quick game of Donky Kong - NES og.. or to jump in Madden 2012 and pass a few balls, then back to playing Crash Bandicoot all with leaving Madden and NES running i can still take calls and surf the web with no issues. PSP game rips into iso and placed on my system works fine. I bet i would have to be one of the only people out there with a full working version of Diablo 1 for Ps 1 running on my cell phone. follow me at @answerbird for answers to all your questions or sweet pics on instgram

Comment what is this 1988? (Score 1) 416

that is when i saw a guy get shot for his Jordans in Reno. just this week a guy was shot dead in a park in Stockton, CA for his gold chain and shoes.. you cant stop dumb people from being dumb unless you let natural selection take effect. too many doctors saving the lives of dummys who then but expensive shoes and then some other dummy shoots them, they get burried and fed the magotts so forth, cows get fed, shoes are made and bought... circle of life.

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