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Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 1) 675

I work for a gas station where my boss is really pushing for the new hardware. We were supposed to have the new hardware last october, and the software this october. also we have a ATM that is SUPPOSED to be chip ready. they won't give us a ETA for the POS (point of sale. aka cash registers) and the vendor for the ATM doesn't have any matching answers either. My boss will get any number of answers depending on who he talks to. Last week, we had a tech from the ATM company who was supposed to enable the ATM for the chip. our understanding was he just had to swap the reader and enable it in software. The tech instead came up (4 hour drive) to tell us he didn't have a compatable reader in stock, and that we had to wait until they did. (or he would sell us a pre-assembled ready to go unit for $5000, ours is 4 months old.)

As for slow, I can tell you that is a function of the connection type. our POS Dealer has a contract with Huges Net (sattelite) for our current system. takes about 8 seconds to negotiate due to ping limitations. if they scan a rewards card, add 15 seconds between hitting subtotal and again after hitting the payment method.

the new POS system, they wanted to originally have it cellular based, but considering the quality of service around here, no thanks. My boss pushed and found out broadband was a option (the on site tech had no idea) but we need a dedicated line just for that (no sharing the current Internet) with a cellular as backup.

Still no ETA on when they will swap the hardware for either company

Oh and the companies are Cardtronics (ATM) and Verifone(POS)

Comment Re:Traditional backup could become irrelevant (Score 1) 64

mirroring only protects against hardware failure. if you have a software error, you get hacked, the OS decided to implode that day....etc, the damage will be on both drives at the same time. My boss found that one out.

He was in the "drive mirror is the best backup" camp, I'm firmly in the "sync and unplug a USB HD". his version of windows deep-6'ed itself, his drives were past recovery with common tools, and had to start over. lost all his business e-mail, and a lot of important documents, thankfully, he was able to restore most of it by asking others about their backups. now, he still has the mirror, but has a USB HD in his filling cabinet that he syncs once a month.

i find it frustrating that the only cost effective way to backup a current hard disk is via another hard disk.

Comment Re:Low power UV Bug zapper (Score 1) 47

used for that, you would be better off using a light behind a fan, and feed the exhaust to a old nylon sock. spray the sock with alcohol before you empty it. skeeters can't fly against a wind, so they head towards the light, and get trapped. the alcohol kills them by dehydration. This method kills a local population fairly effectively.


Comment Re:1 million dollars per family? (Score 1) 540

I live in a small town, about a hour and a half from ANY major population. I have a .2 acre lot, 2 bedroom house, full basement, 2.5 car garage 20 foot spacing between the homes. I paid $30k for the house.

My mother lives 30 minutes from Milwaukee. 1/4 the lot, 3 bedroom. Full Basement, Compact car garage, and the house sits 15 feet from a BUSY street (so not a prime location) 5 foot spacing between homes. $200k.

Location, Location, LOCATION.

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