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Submission + - Nokia sells phone business to Microsoft (facebook.com)

juosukai writes: In a move that surprises absolutely no one, Nokia sells their devices unit to Microsoft. The original ms mole, elop, leaves nokia for Microsoft along with the core business I the company.

Bad news for all other windows phone makers, but worse for Nokia. Will they really survive as a "networks, maps and technology" company?

Also, kudos to ma and elop for creating the perfect circumstances for this. Most people realized what was going to happen when elop jettisoned all Symbian and meego development when he stepped in.


Then stop changing the hardware interfaces, i.e. stop all progress in hardware. It's not like we break the ABI on purpose. If USB 3.0, PCIx, other buses and interfaces, EFI, ... etc come up, what are we supposed to do? Ignore them?

You should whine like a little bitch, like the poster you're replying to.

All these changes... WAH WAH WAAAH

Comment Review (Score 1) 1027

but it does pretty much everything you need in a smartphone

Blackberries also do pretty much everything you need in a smartphone, but they're tanking as well. This is more about the brand and company, as others have pointed out.

What do Slashdotters who have really tried WP think of it?

Until the Lumia 900, WP7 was running on substandard or run of the mill phones. They just didn't measure up to the top of the line phones from everyone else. And even with the Lumia 900, they're dumping them for $99 in the US, a premium phone sold at the discount rate for middle of the road phones. This doesn't make the brand look good.

As for the OS itself, it is definitely a different and fresh look and feel. The visual elements are appealing but there are some irritating things about it though. Syncing my google calendar to the phone is a bad experience. I can't manually direct the phone to update calendar data, and it usually misses some events. I don't rely on the calendar for complete information. Other small things like the system font being too small and not adjustable, are things that need to be fixed. Overall, not as polished or complete as the other OS's but definitely an improvement over the last MS phone OS, and amazingly; better than Nokia's Symbian OS. (which is is piece of shit, I must add)

It is the best looking phone OS, with some major probs, aside from the immaturity of the OS, you're always wondering if MS will pull some kind of trick to screw you over. You just can't shake the MS borg feeling. They don't help themselves when they treat the independent and small developers like second class citizens, you don't have as much access to the OS as larger companies do. Those are the main probs that I have with WP7. Other than that, it is a solid 4th place, behind RIM/Blackberry's new OS, which is really nice.

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