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Comment Re:Comment Subject (Score 1) 90

In fact, remember last year when Microsoft and its fans were constantly hitting blogs and twitter about how WP is the world's fastest growing platform? And how did that turn out?

It is easy to double your market share when you only have 0.5% of it.
Statistics : what they show is subjective, what they hide is vital

Comment Re:Hardware Companies & Telecoms Have Too Much (Score 1) 131

It seems like you can't just buy an unlocked phone and use it in Canada. Is that correct?

Yes yoou can, in fact, most carrier will give you a 10% rebate on your plan if you bring your own unlocked phone

Otherwise I can't understand why so many people buy the phone from the carrier, considering what a terrible reputation they have.

Because most people are idiots

Comment Re:I must be missing something. (Score 1) 240

Sure there is. You swipe from the left side of the screen and all active background windows appear. You drag the little window you want to kill across the screen and down to the bottom edge. Once you've done it a few times it's a simple swiping gesture.

And this is discoverable how ?

Do you even use Windows 8.1 on a tablet to know what you're talking about?? I'm on my second Windows tablet, because I decided I wanted a bigger 10" display and physical keyboard (got an Asus Transformer, old machine was a Venue 8 Pro)

Oh, so you are saying Windows 8.1 is for tablets only, not suitable for a desktop.

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