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Comment Re:dear god, the ADS, the ADS! (Score 2) 106

Ads make the world go round on the web. It's how things are paid for, this is like complaining that a gas station won't let you avoid paying the gas tax for road up keep. Yes some sites go overboard, but really by and large, no matter if we like it or not, sites are paid for with ads. Do you have a better suggestion?

Comment Re:Hopefully with UI improvements to come (Score 5, Interesting) 106

As someone who got a touchpad figuring it would be kinda gimicky on the firesale, 1000 times this. Work gave me an iPad2, what did I continue to use instead of the iPad every time? The touchpad. And it wasn't because of the apps on it, it's the UI. WebOS is fantastic, I hope the cards model is something Google picks up on

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 292

You should check your slight sarcasm detection unit i Think it's broken ;)

The bottom ends on those benz engines are really really beefy, i wouldn't be worried about anything down there. My friend with the giant holset on his has no issues with the engine, instead he's split a few transmission cases.

Also a stuck shut waste gate shouldn't cause it to blow tons of oil anywhere, the turbo isn't blown, you're just going to be over spinning it (but that T3 they put on there is probably fine for it, but yes in the long run that would probably be bad for the turbo) but it'd also be more fun :D

Plus, you'll probably run out of fuel to make the turbo spin higher (and since it's a diesel you don't have to worry about lean conditions).

Comment Headline Change Please (Score 3, Insightful) 193

That headline should read Hackers Hit Everyone's Supplier, Foxconn.

I wonder what % of their business even comes from Apple? I am not saying Apple shouldn't be pushing to make things better they should. But, Apple is hardly the only person that uses Foxconn, the way you see this stuff reported you would swear Foxconn only works for Apple

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