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Comment this guy keeps modding himself (Score 1) 286

anyone else notice that all of this commodore64's post are modded. Must have multiple accounts or friends bumping up all his responses. Welcome to Capitalism my friend. Charge what the market wil bare. Also the amount of channels offered varies market to market changing the price. DTV and Dish...same price no matter where you are.

Comment Re:Almost $800 to watch TV. (Score 1) 286

Why is this modded informative? The person obviously has no clue or has their head buried in the sand. The TOS states the limit is 250gb. Comcast offers a tool to track your bandwidth usage as well. Not to mention the limit has been mentioned time after time again right here on /. Can you use your VCR and DVR to change the channel on FIOS or Satellite? No and you never could. Unless your VCR or DVR had an inbuilt IR Blaster. So what's new? Comcast is getting rid of prehistoric analog service and getting with the times to offer more HD services and higher bandwidth. You can't record and watch a differant show without either analog service (which only cable offered until recently) or you rent a DVR which when it goes bad the cable company replaces...or you can pay $400 for an HD Tivo plus $13 a month for tivo subscription...and when your DVR goes bad...guess what? you get to spend $400 again. 25mb internet connect that is actually 5mb? I assume this person fails to realize they are most likely subscribed to a 6mb line and they are receiving the benefit of PowerBoost that bumps them for a short period of time. DSL does not offer this. Bribe politicians to keep competitors out? Get real. Ever heard of a State/City Franchise? Comcast and other companies including phone companies pay millions to the city or state (california is now state) to have this "monopoly" which is actually benefitial the local market. Ease of mind to invest in the very expensive network plus they provide life line services and free services to public schools and government buildings. It's a shame that "informative" people obviously have no clue and neither do the mods. BTW read your flyer more closely...there is a thing called a DTA, get 2-3 for free and each additional cost $1.99. Satelite and fios you pay for EVERY tv a minimum of $6 a month

Comment Remove this story or comment at the bottom. (Score 0, Redundant) 287

As EVERYONE has pointed out, this is an advertised feature so Comcast is not "cheating". Instead of people automatically assuming to Comcast bash I think it only proper of the Moderators to post at the end of the story that this article is inaccurate and is part of a service feature. Most people don't bother reading comments, so Slashdot is feeding false information. I read one users post...I can't believe their cable company makes them pay for powerboost when Comcast offers it free!

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