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Comment Re:Don't bother. (Score 1) 509

I disagree with your conclusion because I think the set of "every possible event" is much smaller than you appear to. Just because there is an arrangement of atoms that is unique does not mean that there is a way for a primordial universe to unfold into it. Although there are a huge number of ways a universe may evolve from a uniform gas of hydrogen, this does not mean that everything that one can think of must happen somewhere. Sure, dragon-like animals might evolve somewhere and I may seize my letter-opener to stab everyone in the room after I write this. These are possibilities, but is it really possible that there's a universe somewhere with a teapot in it, a million light years in diameter made out of cream cheese? or that god-like beings such as Thor can exist?

Comment Re:In the Long Run, All of Europe is Fucked (Score 1) 159

You'll have to do better than linking an inflammatory opinion from a conservative commentator to make your point, AC. Are you saying that education, roads, fire fighting services, healthcare, pensions, disability and unemployment benefits just can't be afforded anymore by wealthy nations? Or are you saying that the welfare system is inefficient because it's a government thing? What is your plan for disabled people who have no family to support them, exactly? Do you think that removing education from those that can't afford it will bring about a better society?

Comment Re:Supply and demand. (Score 1) 625

Yes, all true. Perhaps though the US has a different set of social issues, or maybe the same set of social issues as the UK but with increased intensity (e.g. US gang organisation and violence is in a different league to the UK's, social inequality is greater etc.) So removing guns from the UK doesn't make much difference to the murder rate but in the US, due to the more heated social problems, removing guns would make a difference?

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