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Comment Will it force "Return to Launch" ?? (Score 1) 62

I'm interested in knowing what the rifles actually do.

If it's jamming the control frequency, then the drone may simply report loss of controller communication and automatically return to where it's home position was recorded.

OTOH, if it causes the drone to fall out of the sky, then the drone could cause other unforeseen problems.

Either way an RF emitting rifle is much more cost effective than a patriot missile.

Comment Replace Internet Data with Telephone Calls.. (Score 2) 300

It should really be explained to legislators that internet data and telephone calls are virtually the same thing now. If your ISP can sell all of your data, so can whoever you are using for your telephone calls.

Maybe if it were explained in those terms, there would be more support for network neutrality.

Comment Product placement makes a difference. (Score 1) 376

Has anyone noticed how often Microsoft hardware has been visible in TV shows recently?

I bought a surface pro 4 a little over a year ago when they were first introduced. Seeing the kickstand on every NFL broadcast was the obvious first location. Since then I've seen the machines in plenty of other TV shows. Even sometimes it's obvious when the Microsoft laptop is being used because of the position of the camera on the outside of the laptop.

I think that paying for product placement has probably been a very good deal for Microsoft, though it's hard to quantify the results. It's just too bad that they didn't do it in the phone arena back when they had a chance at competing.

Comment Battery Usage will probably skyrocket.. (Score 1) 537

Since most phones increase their transmitter power when they are having problems communicating with the tower, anyone that does not turn their phone off soon after entering this bar will likely exit with a phone that has no power left in its battery.

I wish that this technique was used whenever any new movie theater was built. I've been in secure US Government rooms that were explicitly designed like this years ago.

Comment Haven't the factories stopped making these bulbs? (Score 1) 767

It seems to me that if I was a factory owner making incandescent bulbs and I knew there was a cutoff date to be able to produce them, I'd have already stopped production, or at least planned the stoppage, so US congress changing the rules AFTER I've stopped isn't going to make me start production up again unless they are HUGELY profitable.

Comment Is there a legal reason for "Certified Documents?" (Score 1) 516

I've been trying to come up with a real reason that paper might be required, and I was wondering if it was because of some long standing law related to "original" documents that doesn't really make sense with electronic document creation?

This sounds like a troll for the Streisand Effect, which it's obvious plenty of people still don't understand.

The number of pages sounded to me like close to a standard box of copier paper. While scanning and OCRing the documents would be frustrating for an individual, it seems like an obvious step for an organization trying to find out what the state is hiding.

Will email from Palins personal account be included, since at least some state business was reported to have been dealt with from there?

Comment Embedded XP Hardware with IE6 (Score 1) 416

I've got some HP slim client devices that I use for RDP / Web terminals. They are fine for most web sessions, and have a real advantage in that they don't store user data on their local file system, so are pretty impervious to what a user may do. The disadvantage is that it's hard to upgrade a web browser without looking at the entire system, and usually easier to just take what the manufacturer issues as an update. Because of the age, flash size, and memory in some of these systems there are no updates to the latest and greatest web browser.


Comment Convenience, but at what cost? (Score 1) 152

I keep wondering what the real benefit of wireless power is for the gadget community in general. Wireless power is going to be less efficient than wired power because of simple physics. If all of these devices are now designed so that they get power over the air, then we are further wasting electricity.

I did see the mention of underwater devices that have to be completely sealed, and avoiding breaking that seal makes some sense, but for general devices that are used in the air, I see it all as a big waste of energy for a small offset in convenience. IT would be better to develop a surface mount magnetic connection that was as universal as USB. (and accepted, similar to the new cell phone charging standards)

Comment Re:Who is running Nielsen anyway, Leslie? (Score 1) 248

I was visiting my parents for Dad's 70th birthday last week. Their TiVo had crashed two days before. Their TV was barely used during the extended weekend because without TiVo no shows were on at a time that anyone felt like vegetating in front of a TV.

It was bad when I connected the cable directly to the TV and realized that there was no way I could just put the cable cards into it, and watch HD cable. The TV has no cable card slots, and 47 inches of HD screen looks really bad displaying analog cable.

Supposedly the replacement for the replacement TiVo should be up and running again. (The first replacement directly from tivo had another problem.)

Comment Re:Like Air Traffic Control (Score 1) 1077

I was thinking along the same lines, and as a programmer, dealing with that larger common set of English language programmers, is only important if you are contributing or acquiring code on a larger scope. I can't conceive of getting into programming without thinking o a larger scope at this point, but for many people the first stage is understanding a foreign language in written form, long before they have any conversational skill.

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