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Comment analyst (Score 2) 76

"Analysts believe the addition of Android Auto earlier this year may also be causing delays because manufacturers want to be able to announce availability of both platforms in their new model vehicles."

Put Tim Cook on a treadmill-generator to burn off his rage and we could power NYC

Comment Re:False. (Score 1) 52

If I really wanted to bash the jetson TK1 I would probably talk about how it lacks any kind of official wifi have to use a community created kernel to get wifi support, because nVidia punted on the issue for whatever reason. buyer beware! Meanwhile the $35 raspberry pi (and its official raspbian linux) has supported wifi for a long time now. For the price nVidia is charging they really need to increase their support/maintenance of Jetson tk1. Its a shame because the cuda samples for Jetson really show that the GPU is quite capable.

Comment Re:Tools available? (Score 1) 52

There is currently no published dev tools for OpenCL for the tegrak1. If you want to do development for a *specific* device that has a k1 (such as the shield tablet) you need to use the tegra android development pack, and guess what, it does NOT support CL yet. The OP is reporting on something that is not even out yet.

Since google has not put their weight behind OpenCL any CL development you do for android will be very device specific. So the fragmentation issue that Apple bashes Android for is very real if you want to use CL...

Google should do something (and soon) because Apple's metal API supports GPU compute workloads. Sure you can do GPGPU using OpenGL ES but that is more limited in scope than a full CL implementation...

Comment Re:False. (Score 2, Insightful) 52

"Tegra K1 ... is the first one to officially offer it (OpenCL)"
"TK1 embedded Linux board doesn't support OpenCL at all"

^^^That's some fine nVidia double-think right there ^^^

"Tegra K1 chip supports hardware-accelerated OpenCL on Android."

Ahh there it is, finally the cold hard truth. Took us a little bit of time to get to the truth now, hmmm?

"but that is due to Linux OS related issues"

Oh we are back to playing loose with the truth now!

So we have Cuda on TK1 but not CL because of Linux OS issues. Yeah, right. This site is the PERFECT place to finger-point at Linux so thank you for providing us with some weekend entertainment!

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