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Comment Re:Only Nintendo... (Score 3, Insightful) 104

Artificial scarcity is great to keep price high and so profit high, but when you don't sell the product, you don't make any profit, no matter the value or the demand. The only ones who will benefit from artificial scarcity are resellers. So unless Nintendo is looking at selling the NES on Ebay, Artificial scarcity in this case is just really, really dumb. As for the Switch, as many people said, it's a different market. I would buy a Classic NES, but there's no way I will buy a Switch.

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

You don't know what was Hillary Clinton's position? Well, let me educate you. Clinton wanted a no-fly zone over Syria. She wanted US planes to control the sky of Syria, including denying Russian to fly over Syria, shooting them down if necessary. She wanted to put a puppet pro-US government in Syria and she was willing to go to war for this.

Of course, it was not really her who wanted this. She was part of the establishment, and she was doing everything the establishment wanted her to do. And after Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the establishment wanted Syria to be the next target.

Trump presented himself as the guy against the establishment. He openly criticized this establishment, saying his goal was to make America great again, not to be the puppet of the establishment. He openly criticized any action in Syria. He was the guy who was supposed to have the balls to confront that establishment. Well, now we he's doing what the establishment wants him to do. He has caved in. You say he has "a huge pair of brass balls"? No, it doesn't have balls at all. He proved he's just a pussy who obeys his masters.

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it Clinton who wanted to attack Syria? Wasn't Trump chosen by a lot of people precisely because he wanted to focus on America instead of playing world police? Wasn't his motto, "Make America Great Again"? Because it seems that Donald Trump was in reality Donald Clinton, and of course Donald Clinton cares more about Syria than the US.

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

Considering I live in Canada, I see a lot more propaganda from the Western media and Western governments than from Syria or Russia. I do read RT, as well as Al Jazeera and the China Daily. RT certainly does as much "fake news" as Western media, but it still gives a lot of true information that we never hear in the West.

If you want an example of propaganda, just look at you when you said, "Assad killing women and children". Guess what, everybody kills "women and children". The US certainly killed a lot of women and children in all its wars. It is said that the consequence of the Iraq war was about 500,000 civilians deaths, and of course it was not only men. (BTW, since when it is OK to kill men?)

Considering the situation, it seems very unlikely to me that Assad decided to launch a chemical attack. Chemical weapons are mostly ineffective from a military perspective and extremely bad from a political perspective. They are only good for terrorism. Assad wants to stay in power, and since he was winning his war, for him using chemical weapons makes no sense at all. Maybe he's not the best diplomat around, but he certainly showed that he does play his cards quite well.

There are at least three scenarios which are more probable. It could be some dissenting high-ranking military who are trying to provoke the fall of Assad. After all, the FSA came from the Syrian military. Or it could come from ultra-nationalists in the military who acted on their own, like what happened for the first chemical several years ago. Finally, it is certainly possible that the strike hit a stockpile of the rebel's chemical weapons, since it is known at least some rebels do have chemical weapons.

One thing is for sure, the US did use the alleged attack as an excuse. It was waiting for this kind of excuse. For years the US has been arming rebels (including indirectly jihadists) in order to do a regime change in Syria and to put in place a pro-US government. It didn't work and Assad was winning his war. So I guess the US had to do something.

Comment Re:Contempt of the court... (Score 3, Insightful) 522

If you show me an encrypted disk drive that was connected to my Mac, either I know the password, or it's stored in the keychain of the Mac so you can access it with the keychain password.

People who call me because they have forgotten the password of their own computer and who want me to reset it is not unusual. Do you think those people are lying and they only call me to hear my beautiful voice? Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure the guy remembers his password, but a justice system where someone can be put in prison only because I'm pretty sure of something, without any kind of evidence, is not something I want.

Comment Re:cars bad, buses good. (Score 1) 160

Based on my own experience, bus lanes often do create congestion. They created a new bus lane on a street I take every day, and congestion has become a lot worse since then, which is not surprising since the bus lane was created by removing one car lane.

Sure, one bus can transport more people, but first, you have to consider that the average speed of a bus is much lower than cars since they must stop every 100 meters to let people in and out. I'm faster on a bicycle! And the slower people go, the more there will be congestion. Second, and that's the key point, there's much less buses than cars. Where I live, it's about one bus every three or four minutes. So most of the time, the bus lane is not used, which is a complete waste of space.

Anyway the real problem is city planning. Because of traditions, everyone believes that higher density is the way to go. But it is the opposite. We should lower density by spreading out cities. Lower density not only means higher quality of life, but also lower congestion. More particularly, city centers should be eliminated. Office and shops should be spread out. to avoid everyone going at the same place at the same time.

Comment Re:Life before int4rw3bz (Score 4, Insightful) 190

Before Nintendo and Sega, there was Atari, Mattel and, later, Coleco. Yet, it never stopped us from playing outside. What your mother doesn't tell you is that kids stopping going outside was mostly because women became the head of the household during the 80s (instead of men), and so making sure kids were safe became the utmost priority. On the one hand, mothers said they wanted their kids to play outside, but, on the other hand it had to be in a controlled way and kids had to be watched all the time. So kids ended up preferring to stay in their rooms. Don't blame consoles or the Internet, blame mothers.

Comment Re:Russian hacking (Score 1) 251

I don't know how you can be that misinformed, but you got it completely wrong. The cold war was restarted by Obama. It's been apparent for years that the US has been trying to pick a real fight with Russia. Libya was under the sphere of influence of Russia, that's why the US organized a "regime change". Same thing for Syria, except this time Russia intervened instead of letting the US fuck over the world. But the greatest win for Obama was Ukraine since it was so close to Russia. The coup was obviously supported by the US, but the US most probably helped it.

There are two main reasons for the US wanting a war with Russia. The first one is, of course, to distract its population from corruption, but there's now a second one, which is far more important : with China getting stronger, BRICS is now a major threat to the US hegemony. If a third world war is not started within 20 years, the US will lose its role as a world leader, which will be catastrophic for its economy.

Contrarily to every other president before him, and most importantly contrarily to Clinton, Trump didn't want to start a war with Russia, but it seems the CIA and the NSA decided to do some politics and to force him to "change his mind".

BTW, I'm Canadian.

Comment Re:also the biggest carbon emitter - yay! (Score 1) 131

China is promoting free trade only because they are a lot more competitive than Western countries, who are now destroying themselves because of "moral values". Western countries have only two choices, either they create a protected market, or they abandon our modern moral values and go back to what Western societies were 60 years ago.

Comment Re:Extraversion (Score 1) 212

Can you define "energizing"? Also, do you really think an "introvert" who just spent one week alone, without seeing or talking to anyone, will really find his first social interaction as "tiring"? I'm asking because I'm pretty this "introvert" will find this social interaction as "energizing".

The concept of "introvert" vs "extrovert" is, at best, completely arbitrary and at worst complete bullshit.

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