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Comment Re:Examples? (Score 2) 265

So a 13-year-old girl declared she was gang rape. A journalist picked up the story and some Russian TV channel talked about it, without making sure the rape was real. This kind of sloppy journalism is common everywhere. I live in Quebec and here absolutely all mainstream media will do it (the only difference is our media will hide the ethnicity of the alleged rapist if he's black or Muslim).

Then Russia's Foreign Minister made a comment implying the German police could try to minimize the case to protect asylum seekers. Considering the German police did exactly that after the Cologne attacks (as well as other multiple attacks in other German cities), also considering that the police admit it was at least statutory rape, yet try to minimize this as "child abuse", I'd say the comment was justified.

Then, the BBC decided to use this story about this sloppy journalism and a somewhat legitimate comment from a Russian Minister to try to spin it into some kind of "Russian propaganda".

The truth is this article is an example of anti-Russian propaganda, not an example of the supposed Russian propaganda. This BBC story is an example of the typical "fake news" that plagues our mainstream media. And the fact that you can't see it is frightening.

Comment Re:There are also jack-holes like you on /. (Score 1) 403

1. The problem is not that "real wages" are down, it's that kids nowadays are born with a taste for luxury. I'm not that old, but when I was in college we didn't have cellphones, computers, the vast majority of us didn't have cars, and we didn't spend much on clothing or leisure.

2. I'm not American, but can't students borrow money in order to pay for their tuition fees in the US? I just did a search and I can see the annual tuition fee for community colleges is $3,357/year, which can then be followed by two more years at a state college for $9,139/year. This means a total of $24,992 tuition fees to get a full degree. Can you explain to me why American kids can't afford higher education?

3. And you think we were not "exhausted"?

4. The "precious little snowflake" attitude is simply because kids nowadays are overprotected and don't face any hardship. Guess what, when we were kids, we never had "positive reinforcement" at home. We were constantly told our opinions were worthless because we were just kids. We were told to obey and shut up. Also, our parents were not always there to constantly take care of us. Kids act now like "precious little snowflake" because they are treated like royalty.

Comment Re:Election season is Silly Season (Score 1) 548

Clinton thinking MAD principle is still in effect is exactly why she might start a conventional war with Russia. The US military is a lot more powerful than Russia's military, so a conventional war against Russia for Syria would be an easy win for the US. Economically, it would show Russian weapons are crap, and so help the US weapon industry. Politically, it would destroy the BRICS association and weaken the growing influence of China. Militarily, it would result in an easy expansion of NATO, something Clinton also wants.

Comment Re:Election season is Silly Season (Score 1) 548

This is not a reason to dislike Trump, but this is a reason to dislike Clinton, who is pushing for this ridiculous anti-Russia propaganda. It's almost as if Clinton is trying to create a justification for an attack against Russia (for example to impose the no-fly zone over Syria that she wants).

BTW, I'm Canadian so I don't care that much about the US election, still I kind of don't like the warmongering attitude of Clinton. When it comes to attacking small countries like Libya, I don't care that much (even if I don't approve of it), but the idea of the US going to war against Russia do frighten me.

Comment Re:Bollocks (Score 1) 121

So can you tell us what happened in Crimea? Because I live in Canada and although my good government insists that Russia "invaded" Crimea, that's not what I saw in the news. The news reported a referendum and the referendum was won overwhelmingly by the people who wanted to leave Ukraine. I know the Western narrative is that the referendum was a fraud, but considering there was no revolt or even any significant protest in Crimea after that referendum, it seems obvious to me this Western narrative is false.

And you know what? If a referendum was also held in the Eastern Ukraine part controlled by the rebels, I'm pretty sure the result would also be to join Russia.

Of course you have the right to believe the Western propaganda, but then I've got some prime beachfront property you might be interested in...

Comment Re:Crimea is part of Russia (Score 0) 121

When will Slashdot fix its broken moderation system? Saying Ukraine was not, historically, a part of Ukraine is the truth. The fact that one user moderated this comment as "troll" and another moderated it as "flamebait" shows that Slashdot moderation system is abused by people who use it for political reason.

The same way anonymous user often post shitty comments, anonymous moderators often act as assholes. Slashdot should publish the user name of people who moderates.

Comment Re:Oh Boy (Score 1) 171

I'm 47. When I was a young boy, regular alkaline batteries were pretty much the same as what we have now. I did see some cheap batteries leak, but those were the exception. Almost no one was using rechargeable batteries, that's true, but it was because we didn't care about the environment and found buying batteries and changing batteries more convenient. As an example, in 80s I bought a Sony Walkman F-601 which came with a rechargeable battery giving me about 10 hours of tape and 40 hours of radio, but I still found recharging it a pain in the ass so I often used the external case to use two regular AA batteries instead.

Batteries did improve, but not as much as you make it look.

Comment AI means communism? (Score 1) 210

Eradicate poverty? But we already have, at least in Western countries. People living in "poverty" have access to better housing condition (with heating, lighting, sewage, water, etc), better food, and much, much better health care than a king from the past.

Poverty is like voltage. It's not a representation of what people have, but a representation of a difference between what different people have. The only way to eradicate poverty would be to live in a communist system. No thank you.

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