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Comment Re:Emergency response (Score 1) 140

Maybe we could invent some kind of signal that a pedestrian could turn on with the push of a button to stop traffic and allow him to cross the street. I suggest we call them "pedestrian crossing signals". I even envision some kind of logos like a "walking man" when it's safe for pedestrians to cross the street and a "hand" when pedestrian should wait. Do you think I should patent this idea?

Comment Re:Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 2) 495

Obama did get that. I don't remember protests, public campaigns and media always depicting Obama in a negative way. In fact, it was the complete opposite. Obama was seen as the savior. The only ones who acted like jerks were the extreme right-winger conspiracy theorist (and, of course, politicians, who never care about things like honesty and truth, and I certainly include Obama in those).

What we see now is that the average democrat is the equivalent of the extreme right-winger conspiracy theorist. And that's frightening.

Disclaimer : I'm not American.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 734

It's not much of a problem of "illegal voters", but a problem of ethnicity. There are a lot of Mexicans in California, and although they immigrated for economic reasons, their heart is still with their culture and their country. They are not assimilated. As Trump was openly in favor of pro-US policies, as Trump was pro-American culture, Mexicans in California were massively against him.

We see the same thing happening in countries like France, and to a lesser degree Germany, with Muslims. Immigrants do not assimilate, they still favor their cultures and their countries, and they go against any policies based on the concept of national identity.

Comment Re:Disinvited 7 people. Strong sanctions indeed! (Score 1) 821

Can you give me some details about this Russian invasion you are talking about? Like for example the date it happened, how many divisions were involved and for how long the fighting between the Russian soldiers and the Ukrainian army went on? Is there any video of this invasion? I mean we now live in a time when everything is recorded by the cellphone of someone, so surely there should be thousands of recording of this invasion, right?

I'm asking all this because last time I checked, what happened was a referendum, not an "invasion".

Comment Re:Disinvited 7 people. Strong sanctions indeed! (Score 1) 821

Considering there was no aggression from Russia, I'd say the sanctions were unjustified. Hell, Russia even continued to support Ukraine after the coup (which was obviously supported by the US) by selling them gas at a lower price than market value. To be honest, if I were in Putin's place, I would have given the finger to Ukraine, cut all gas supply to them and simply let Ukrainian freeze to death.

Anyway, Ukraine is on the brink of bankruptcy, so I guess they are already paying for letting the US dictate their policies.

Comment Re:Over/under: Invasion of sovereign nation or tru (Score 1) 821

Do you really think Ukraine could have done anything against Russia? If Russia invaded Ukraine as you claim, Ukraine would now be under Russian jurisdiction. It's obvious Russia never invaded Ukraine.

As for Crimea, there was a referendum and considering Ukraine decided to ban Russian language and voted other anti-Russians policies, it's quite obvious no Russian would have wanted to stay in Ukraine. I live in Quebec, and you can be sure that if Canada decided to ban the French language, Quebec would leave Canada quite fast.

So no, Russia never invaded anything. On the other hand, not only it's kind of obvious the coup in Ukraine was supported by the US, but Russia did leak evidence showing the US controlled Ukraine's election after the coup.

Comment Re:Slashdot much? (Score 1) 297

I agree it's not mutually exclusive, but it correlates nonetheless. All our behaviors, including "social behavior", are mainly a result of physical or psychological needs. More than that, when someone "feels lonely", it certainly does indicate dependence.

From my own experience, young people are now a lot more socially dependent than they were 30 years ago. I see that particularly in the workplace, as young people need a lot more social support than before. Not only do they lack agency, but many times it's to a point where without frequent social support, they have difficulties doing their work because of emotional discomfort.

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