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Comment Re:Because the shortest distance between 2 points (Score 1) 256

This is a reaction to the new missile system installed recently in Romania and the recent NATO maneuvers in Eastern Europe to intimidate Russia (among a series of other aggressive political actions against Russia). It's a way of saying to the US : stop threatening us, stop trying to extend your sphere of influence, or we will escalate. Now the question is who will back down first (hoping that at least one will back down).

Comment Re:The Constitution (Score 1) 609

A few years ago, there was a debate where I live because a care center for people with intellectual disability was allowing their patient to have sex. Several women got pregnant. The argument was that people with intellectual disability had the same right as everyone else, and so should be allowed to be parents, even if they couldn't take care of the child by themselves. Without society supporting them, those people would not be able to survive, let alone having children.

And yes, I will argue that any social program giving advantages to individuals or their children so they can "succeed" simply based on the fact that they are failing in life, and that includes money given to low income parents so they can care for their children, will have the consequence of affecting in a meaningful way both reproduction and the chance of their children surviving and becoming adults. I'm not sure why you ask for "evidence", since this is the very reason why society helps them.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not arguing it's morally wrong to help people who would otherwise die or see their children die, quite the opposite in fact, but I'm only saying that it is a form of eugenics and so eugenics is not inherently bad.

Oh, and programs like affirmative actions are actually opposite to the principle of equality the under law.

Comment Re: The Taste must have been fired also (Score 1) 474

I'm curious about this research. Did they include different demographics? Because if the demographic was only American kids who are already overfed, I guess the "sugar rush" won't change their behavior much. That doesn't mean there is no "sugar rush" for kids with better eating habits.

Comment Re:Corrupt practices of the Catholic clergy (Score 1) 70

I'm an atheist, I'd even say I'm somewhat anti-religion, but your rhetoric is just ridiculous. Yes, there were a few priests who join the church to hide their deviant sexual behavior, but the majority were good men and women. Yes, the church did some horrible things throughout history, but it also did a lot of good things.

So please, cut the crap.

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