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Comment Re: Bravo indeed (Score 2) 424

No, this is "radically different". This is not even new. The whole village was always aware of all gossips about everyone. The only difference is the size of the village we live in. We went from living in a village of a few thousand individuals to living in a village of 7 billion individuals.

Not only was there a lot less anonymity in the past, but there was also a lot less forgiveness. In the past, her behavior would not bring her only mockery, but animosity. She would have been relegated to the social status of a completely worthless whore. No one would have supported her and she would have been socially ostracized. In the past, no one would have cared about her suicide. Not even you.

Was the past more morally correct? Are we now more morally correct? This is debatable. But one thing is for sure, your argument is plain false.

Comment Re:It's about time... (Score 5, Interesting) 193

Either those "sponsors" are a bunch of complete idiots, or this is just a bullshit excuse. If I watch a video from a channel I'm subscribed to, it's almost always because I like the content and view that content in a positive way. And if I view the content in a positive way, even if it's "offensive" to someone else, I will also view the sponsor in a positive way. Maybe the sponsor will view the content in a negative way, but the goal of the advertisement is to make me buy a product, not to make the advertisers feel good about himself.

Comment Re: And the other end of the deal? (Score 2) 294

The same is true for intellectual work. An eight year old can work quite hard to solve a math problem, the same math problem that a 35 year old will solve without making much of an effort.

As for the difference between men and women, we generally say that women are better "multitaskers" than men. This is actually not true, here's one of several studies showing men are actually better multitaskers, but this myth that women are better multitaskers comes from the fact that men are also better at focusing (working harder) to solve an intellectual problem. So yes, men do work harder (on average) than women, even with intellectual work. That's the reason successful societies developed by letting men do all the hard and specialized work. "Equality" will make our society far less efficient, which means societies less concerned with equality will overtake us.

Yes, I know, I'm misogynistic for saying this truth.

Comment Re:Driving in reverse (Score 1) 152

What defines a "douche bag" is a question of perspective. From my point of view, LGBTQQIAAP rights activists, feminists, and other SJW are the douche bags. But, of course, I agree that those douche bags (from my perspective) can consider me as a douche bag (from their perspective). So let's fight each other for our moral values and let's see who will be the strongest!

Comment Re: Cannot happen in earth, period. (Score 1) 211

Is parroting my post the only thing you can do? By the way, I'm most probably far more to the left than you are. But people who now use this label are just a bunch of delusional, mediocre and incapable fools who can only valorize themselves by virtue signalling. "Leftist" is now an insult because of this. And there's no way I will use this label for me. There's no way I will associate myself with those modern "leftist".

Also, what you view as "tribalism" is in reality having principles. But principles are also something "leftists" don't understand much nowadays.

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