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Comment How to get the most work out of your programmers (Score 1) 997

I spent a bunch of time researching this and figuring out "how you get the most work out of programmers."

What it comes down to is that there are no shortcuts. Treating your programmers well is the best way to get the most work out of them. That doesn't mean pampering them, but 10 hour days are just going to hammer them if kept on for more than two weeks.

Here are the blog posts:

Good luck.

Comment Re:yey (Score 3, Informative) 381

He was told to get back into his car after the officer had just punched him in the face.

I can't even imagine where this timeline of events was created. Probably in your head. It doesn't appear in any credible news source.

Ah crap. The command was to lie down on the ground, not to get back in the car.

As for the source, it's direct from Dr. Watts himself:

"So what it came down to, ultimately, was those moments after I was repeatedly struck in the face by Beaudry (an event not in dispute, incidentally). After Beaudry had finished whaling on me in the car, and stepped outside, and ordered me out of the vehicle; after I’d complied with that, and was standing motionless beside the car, and Beaudry told me to get on the ground — I just stood there, saying “What is the problem?”, just before Beaudry maced me.

And that, said the Prosecutor in her final remarks — that, right there, was failure to comply. That was enough to convict."

Comment Re:yey (Score 4, Insightful) 381

He was told to get back into his car after the officer had just punched him in the face.

It doesn't surprise me that he'd be confused and disoriented, or that he'd be slow to comply. Try punching someone in the face some time. It hurts.

The really sad bit is that under these laws, you could not only punch someone in the face, you could pepper spray them, kick them in the nuts while they were down, and then tell them you wanted them to stand up and empty out your pockets. Don't do it because you're screaming and in pain, or trying to run away? You're committing a crime.

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