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Comment Re:When will they learn? (Score 1) 274

No, no, here is the idiocy - the NSA has a VERY good guide to doing the right!

Its call - "Redacting with Confidence: How to Safely Publish Sanitized Reports Converted From Word to PDF "

http://www.nsa.gov/notices/notic00004.cfm?Address= /snac/vtechrep/I333-TR-015R-2005.PDF

You would think that if you are going to give a lame excuse for why you are doing bad things for a governement agency you would at least read the very handy guide on how to file a legal brief with all the naughty bits covered up.

User Journal

Journal Journal: If I write a web journal in the woods...

OK probably no one will read this but whatever....

I ended up charging $20 an hour and the total job ended up begin $800.

I would not use Contribute to build a web page. In fact, I have gotten to hate it for its limitations. On the other hand it is exactly what my client needs because it is fool proof.

Journal Journal: How much for a web page?

How much is fair value for a web page?

I am "designing" a web page for a local business. I say "designing" because I am using a template from Contribute 3 with modifications. The client knows this and in fact I just ordered them a copy of Contribute from Amazon so they could do maintenance of the site.

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