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RIP, SunSolve 100

Kymermosst writes "Today marks the last day that SunSolve will be available. Oracle sent the final pre-deployment details today for the retirement of SunSolve and the transition to its replacement, My Oracle Support Release 5.2, which begins tomorrow. People who work with Sun's hardware and software have long used SunSolve as a central location for specifications, patches, and documentation."

1928 Time Traveler Caught On Film? 685

Many of you have submitted a story about Irish filmmaker George Clarke, who claims to have found a person using a cellphone in the "unused footage" section of the DVD The Circus, a Charlie Chaplin movie filmed in 1928. To me the bigger mystery is how someone who appears to be the offspring of Ram-Man and The Penguin got into a movie in the first place, especially if they were talking to a little metal box on set. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Comment Worry about corrupt politicos! (Score 1) 1829

The ruling seems reasonable IF you accept the premise that the local government is working on behalf of the people it serves. If my memory serves me correctly, all politicians are corrupt, all the time, absolutely. They are only concerned with number one, and you and I aren't even in the running to be number two.

So the danger of this ruling is that corrupt politicians will line their pockets through these types of takings for commercial use. The Supreme Court however does not have the power to alter law based on future corruption of local governments. How sad, since it would be so sensible to do so. We now have a carrot dangling in front of corrupt goverment, any guesses as to when they are going to start developing your backyard with their developer bribers^h^h^h^h^h^h ... uh .. friends?

Comment Re:It does matter... (Score 1) 321

> Never, ever, ever, unless you like broken boxes use ACCEPT_KEYWORDS.

As long as you don't go and emerge world with it, you're fine. It's probably insane to use it for glibc and gcc, and I'm not sure I like the way the ~arch keyword has been overloaded to mean "arch specific" AND "unstable" (it masks too much stuff that is perfectly stable), but the worst I've ever seen it do was use a broken ebuild and fail to compile it.

Yes, I have made the mistake of emerging a bleeding edge glibc. It hasn't completely stopped me from occasionally using ACCEPT_KEYWORDS however.

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