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Submission + - Making You Own Custom USB Human Interface Devices (

An anonymous reader writes: MAKE has a beginner's tutorial on using the Teensy microcontroller to create made-to-measure USB Human Interface Devices to control the keyboard or mouse input of your computer. In the case of the creator, he made a button to key in a random synonym for "awesome" when it was pressed to help him with his overuse of the word.

Submission + - Adobe Releases Flash to HTML 5 Converter (

An anonymous reader writes: Adobe has released its Flash to HTML 5 conversion tool, codenamed "Wallaby." Wallaby is an application to convert Adobe Flash Professional CS5 files (.FLA) to HTML5 and its primary design goals were to get the best quality and performance on browsers within iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

Submission + - Cloud Gaming With Ray Tracing (

An anonymous reader writes: As real-time ray tracing on a single desktop machine is still too slow for gaming Intel has worked on a research project that puts the heavy workload up into the cloud consisting of multiple 32-core chips working together. That enables new special effects for games like realistic reflections (e.g. on cars or the scope of a sniper rifle), glass simulations and multi-screen surveillance station. The paper also takes a closer look at various sources of latencies that become relevant in a cloud-based gaming approach.

Submission + - Wikipedia moves to delete the Free Speech flag (

decora writes: "After a version of the PS3 Free Speech Flag (from the Yale Law & Tech blog) was deleted from Wikipedia, for being a copyright violation, discussion turned to the original Free Speech Flag, from the HD DVD / AACS encryption key controversy. The result is that this flag too (currently in use on six different wikipedias) has now been nominated for deletion."

Submission + - Facebook Resumes Talks With Skype (

An anonymous reader writes: You may soon be able to start a Skype video call with your friends on Facebook. The latest rumor suggests that Facebook and Skype have resumed talks about integrating the video conferencing technology on the social network.

The two companies first talked about a potential partnership in September 2010, but they could not reach an agreement. When Skype 5.0 was released in October 2010, the new version offered voice calling between Facebook friends, but it did not include a video chatting feature.


Submission + - London Imam Supports Evolution, Gets Death Threats (

CleverDodger writes: According to a Guardian article, Dr. Usama Hasan, an imam at a London mosque which operates one of the UK's largest sharia courts, received a number of threats after stating that Darwinian evolution may be compatible with Islam and that Muslim women should be permitted to uncover their hair. Dr. Hasan, who is also a senior lecturer in engineering at Middlesex University, had a recent lecture disrupted by a crowd of 50 protesters who handed out leaflets and demanded his execution. Hasan's subsequent suspension from his mosque was hailed by, a website which has campaigned against the lecturer.

Submission + - The Coolest Tech Tour Ever: A Look At How SRI Is A (

emilyann writes: SRI International, which employs 1,700 researchers, has been busy on a number of things from radar, ultrasound imaging, remote surgery, and much more. It has also been incubating a few things that have turned into startups. My favorite example is Siri, which is an assistant for your iPhone. Apple bought that last year for a rumored $200+ million and I’ve been hearing rumors that we’ll see some of that work as part of the iPhone 5 launch later this year. More about Siri later.

Submission + - Mobile Operator Sprint embeds rootkit in Android ( 1

pucko writes: User "k0nane" at the forum of have discovered an interesting piece of software in Android based Samsung mobiles sold by Sprint.
Apparently Sprint have embedded a secret application called Carrier IQ which have full control over the phone and everything the user does with it.
It even monitors input, which essentially means; Sprint have full access to your passwords, your banking accounts and your corporate secrets.
Encryption and SSL is a worthless defence, Sprint and Carrier IQ sees your information BEFORE it is protected.

The question is now, how many other carriers uses this rootkit? Does it exist on iPhone? Blackberry?


Submission + - Disarm Internet Trolls - the CBT Approach (

Shlomi Fish writes: "The best way to react to people trolling on Internet forums is not to feed them, right? Wrong! "Don't feed the trolls" is also usually ineffective. Luckily, however, there is more effective approach, inspired by the book "Feeling Good" by David D. Burns. Read about it on the "Unarmed but still Dangerous" blog."

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