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Comment What work? (Score 1) 597

While I agree something needs to happen in order to keep skyrocketing tuition under control, I do have a couple comments that struck me immediately about this particular idea:
  1. 1. This is just another ponzi scheme predicated on the economy continually growing
  2. 2. Specific to STEM degrees (?) - how will you force US employers to hire these new graduates instead of H1Bs/offshoring in order to pay the tax to keep a system destined to fail alive as long as possible?

Comment Re:Reduce gun violence? (Score 1) 436

Are you really comparing the level of threat the president is under to the level of threat the average citizen is under?

I believe inner city Chicago is a bit more dangerous than 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The law-abiding citizens that live there don't deserve to have the capability to protect themselves and their families stripped away.

Comment Re:Right on Target (Score 1) 450

Having a North Korean satellite crash into my home would not make the North Koreans' day, once Washington got involved.

Dude, if it landed on a public company's headquarters then D.C. would be pissed and invade but landing on a private citizen's home? Not so much. In fact, they'd probably write retroactive legislation so your insurance company didn't have to pay you and suffer the loss of profit.

Comment Re:Forget Verizon Math (Score 2) 140

They don't think they know how stupid we are; they know it. They know this will all blow over and they'll be allowed to merge.

I am hoping from the bottom of my heart that this merger doesn't happen, but at least if it does I'll have a way to back out of my contract with T-Mobile. I will not be an AT&T customer. Never again.

That's not it, at all. They know that even if the the merger is blocked, T-Mobile is screwed. It's unverified by T-Mobile but customers appear to be leaving in droves, customer service is starting to suffer since the reps know they won't have a job in a year, and network improvements will stagnate leaving them so far behind the competition they'll look like Danica Patrick in a Sprint Cup race! Back to being serious, this will be just like what happened to Sun after the Oracle buyout was stretched out into eternity. The only difference is that T-Mobile was viable before buyout talk started and Sun was a zombie.

No matter what happens, buyout blocked or not, AT&T has one less competitor. No matter what happens, we (and especially T-Mobile employees) lose.

Comment Re:Surprising in its unsurprisingness (Score 1) 833

I would be extremely surprised if Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and just about any other ally of the United States were not also spying on the US

So your defense is "they do it too"[1] which somehow makes it ok in your mind.

[1] Bare assertion without supporting evidence

I think gknoy was probably going for the "Trust, but verify" angle.

Comment Re:Let's stereotype! (Score 1) 600

Woo! Man I sure hit some button of yours!

I'm not a racist - I hate EVERYONE.

After all, you wouldn't want me to profile you as a racist due to a single post that seems to indicate you believe that certain people can only be hired for their "stylish" qualities and those "stylish" attributes mean they are not qualified or skilled to perform a job.

Actually, I believe that.

Racist? I believe a lot of people in government and NGOs get hired because of their race or their sex. If that makes me a racist in your eyes, then so be it.

Technically that makes you sexist, too.

Comment Re:Uh (Score 1) 830

No it's not. If it was possible to do in a million lines of code, it would have been done by now.

That's silly. He's not claiming that just any million lines of code will do. You need to understand how the brain works in order to write the right million lines of (probably ridiculously compact and completely unreadable) code.

I always knew perl was good for something.

Comment Re:Usefulness? (Score 1) 168

How much of a temperature difference do you think you can find within the human body across a machine of a few micormeters (or even millimeters) in length?

That's what the 12" heat sink sticking out of your chest is for. That, and impressing the ladies.

I think they'd be more impressed if that 12" "heat sink" was closer to waist height.

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