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Comment Re:I was skeptical, too. (Score 1) 91

> Probably helps that Google Fiber has named us as part of their next round of deployments...

1) Are you sure it's ATT doing the excavation?

2) This is the only reason ATT would *actually* be laying fiber to such a down-scale place as yours. ATT makes money hand-over-fist on their Capex expenditures from way back in the 1980's and 1990's. Why would they want to increase those Capex costs just to give you faster service? (Hint: They don't.)

Right now it's way cheaper in long term to install fiber for Repair/Upgrades then Capex

Comment Re:Camera companies are raking it in (Score 2) 200

Doing exactly what the article states. Cheating people from their money with questionable tickets..I believe you should be able to fight them, and either A: Get monetary damages or your attorney fee's paid by the state if you used one and you win the case..that will solve a lot of issues right there.

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