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Journal Journal: F*ck you, bunny hoppers!!

Oh, this is WONDERFUL! EA has finally released the 1.2 patch for Battlefield 2, and they finally took care of issues that people have been bitching about from the beginning!

* Bunny hopping and dolphin diving are effectively eliminated
* Stinger missiles actually work!!!!
* Helicopters are no longer nearly-invincible

Now, if they would enable bots in multiplayer LAN mode, I'd be as happy as Ted Kennedy would be at a bar that offers free drinks for completely ignorant blowhards!

(As an aside, what the $#!@ is wrong with Massachusetts voters?! Why the hell do they keep voting that asshat and his Mini-Me accomplice Kerry back into office?)
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Journal Journal: The children keep coming

HA! Now one of the idiots that I helped to give a troll rating (because he was clearly a troll) decided to wreak revenge by making me his foe. Oh, golly gee. I'm so saddened.

Immaturity reigns rampant on Slashdot. It's no wonder that its status in the geek world is declining.
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Journal Journal: Wow. What a bunch of wittwe babies.

The hypocrisy on Slashdot is astounding to say the least. I've never seen such a bunch of people who bitch and moan whenever the word "censorship" comes up; but as soon as anyone initiates some kind of anti-anti-Republican statement (read: puts up a totally logical and rational defense against the liberal Slashdot group-think) they immiediately start their own censorship by hitting the dreaded, evil non-liberal with "Foe" status.

In this case I didn't even defend any particular ideology. I simply slammed some asshat who made a statement that effectively only Bush and Reagan dealt in FUD. Clearly, this person has no clue about politics, which is all about FUD. How much FUD can you throw against your political opponent and make it stick! That's what politicking is about! The funny part is that all that I did was state that ALL presidental administrations are loaded with FUD because FUD is an integral part of politics!

As expected, another Slashdot hypocrite has decided to make me a foe. The hypocrisy is just astounding, not the least of which is how so many Slashdotters are so PISSED OFF about Bush's wiretapping, but yet they all have conveniently forgotten how Clinton initiated Echelon which did (does?) exactly the same thing. But he was a Democrat, so that's okay.

So, piss off, rtrowbridge. Enjoy your pro-liberal bubble.
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Journal Journal: Aw, poor, wittwe baby!

Oh, I feel so sad. I don't follow the typical left-leaning attitudes here on Slashdot, so VitalyChernobyl has made me a foe because I dared to say that the major U.S. news outlets are just as biased as Fox News. They're biased towards the other direction, though, so people give them a free pass.

I have two words for VitalyChernobyl: "Grow up." Making someone a foe is nothing more than grossly immature whining. "Oh, wah! Mommy! He said something that I didn't like! Wah! Make sure he never says anything bad to me again! Wah!"

Unbelievable. What a f**king baby.
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Journal Journal: And just what do YOU call a "troll"?

I wonder why the hell we even have separate "troll" and "flamebait" options. A "troll" has always been someone who goes into a thread with the purpose of making an inflammatory statement, like going into a widescreen thread and making anti-widescreen comments just to "stir up the nest". How is that not the same as "flamebait?"

Ah, well. I"m just one person, trying to swim in a sea of Slashdot illogic and arrogant shoot-from-the-hipsters.
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Journal Journal: Irony of ironies.

No more than two weeks after complaining about being unfairly (in my opinion) metamoderated, I get metamoderation status. Are CowboyNeal, Taco, and the rest of the gang reading my journal? Interesting. I'm also getting moderator status 1-2 days after my previous moderation expires. I've had three moderation runs in the past two weeks.

Frankly, I don't mind it. It feels good to know that my opinion on certain matters can count and that I have the ability to make certain posts stand out.
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Journal Journal: What the hell is wrong with people?

What the hell is with this meta-moderation crap?

I read a message that I thought was interesting. The poster made some points regarding an issue that I have to say I didn't disagree with. His points were, as far as I'm concerned, valid. So, I have him an Interesting point.

Ah, but some self-righteous, f**kwad meta-moderator decided that I have no right to consider anything that goes against the Slashdot grain to be intersting, so I was meta-moderated down.

What the hell is this? If moderators aren't allowed to actually support a opinion on a subject that apparently does not fit in with the standard Slashdot zombie thinkers, then why not just give moderation only to those who are Slashdot bootlickers that dare not allow a dissenting opinion to be posted? Yes! Let us just push forth Slashdot censorship where anything that goes against the grain is immediately censored/deleted/whatever. This place is becoming more and more like the Home Theater Forum - and that's not a compliment.

Fortunately, my karma is still excellent, but it's the principle of the matter.

Well, unlike the people who continue to think that their only goal in life is to knock people down, I will still continue to give credit where I think credit needs to be given. I will not reduce myself to the scum who seem to enjoy giving out censorship -- er -- negative moderation points. Perish the thought that someone might actually be able to think for themself!
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Journal Journal: I'm an über-moderator - I guess

Well, THAT'S interesting. Moderator status for the third time in roughly two weeks. What's odd is that I don't particularly mind, not because of any power trip, though. I nearly wanted hunt someone down when I saw his sig, which said something to the equivalent that there are too many positive moderators out there, which is why he always moderates down. I hope that we was kidding. If not, he should never be allowed to have moderator status again -- ever.

It's because of that kind of attitude that makes me glad to moderate. Three times moderate have I, all times positive mods did I.

Don't get me wrong. There were plenty of times when I wanted to smack down some big-time ignoramus to make sure that his post never got read, but I will not reduce myself to that level. I'll just let him live in his own ignorance and save my points for those who truly deserve recognition for their comments.

Part of it is my fault, though. In trying to be a fair moderator, I now see everything, including posts that most people would never see because their settings by default filter out such drivel. So, I get to see the small handful of f*ckwads that get to boost their miniscule egos with false "coolness" factor by posting utter crap just for the sake of posting. Since when were computers able to be used by amoeba who happen to live under rocks?

Then again, I guess it is more than possible considering how many jackass moderators use their points negatively. Have to take the bad with the good, I suppose. Fortunately, I'm here to support the good.
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Journal Journal: Already a second moderation??

Wow! Less than a week after my previous run as moderator and I got moderator status again! Quite interesting.

And once again, as before, I did not use any moderator points for the purpose of censoring others with the use of various negative options, "overrated", "offtopic", "troll", and so forth. I refuse to use them. If I don't agree with something that someone says, I just won't raise them up.

I guess I'm one of the few /. moderators who understand that you have a right to state your opinion, even if it differs from my own.
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Journal Journal: First moderation time finished

Well, ironically only a short time after posting my original statement about moderating and how only total jackasses waste their mod points by using them negatively, I just used up my first set of moderating points.

And unlike those jerks that I criticized, all of my moderation points were positive. None of them were used to bring people down, even though some were probably deserving of it.

To those who use their mod points to knock people down, I say to go back and crawl under your f**king rock where you belong.

Journal Journal: Friends, foes, and moderation

Found this journal thingy while poking around my account. Interesting concept.

Turns out that right now I have three fans and two freaks. Wow! Two freaks! There are actually people who consider my words and opinions to be such a threat that they have to mod my comments down to prevent them from seeing anything that I have to say. That's really sad that those two are so insecure in their own opinions and so unwilling to hear opposition that my statements have to be censored. Sad indeed.

They're probably the same kind of jackasses who waste their moderation points by moderating topics as "Overrated" instead of saving those points for those who deserve to be modded up. At least I know that when I eventually get my turn as moderator, if I don't like a thread, I won't mod it down. I just won't mod it up. Unlike my "freaks", I'd rather build people up than tear them down.

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