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Submission + - Bacteria can be altruistic to their colony ( 1

WhyMeWorry writes: A new study suggests that drug resistance can spread. Mutant cells can secrete a molecule called indole, which turns on pumps that push drugs out of the cell. Other E. coli stop producing indole and soak up the molecule to fight off the antibiotic. The mutants did not need to produce indole to survive. They were simply working for the greater good.

Concrete That Purifies the Air 88

fergus07 writes "Although much of the focus of pollution from automobiles centers on carbon emissions, there are other airborne nasties spewing from the tailpipes of fossil fuel-powered vehicles. These include nitrogen oxides (NOx). In the form of nitrogen dioxide it reacts with chemicals produced by sunlight to form nitric acid – a major constituent of acid rain – and also reacts with sunlight, leading to the formation of ozone and smog. Everyone is exposed to small amounts of nitrogen oxides in ambient air, but exposure to higher amounts, in areas of heavy traffic for example, can damage respiratory airways. Testing has shown that surfacing roads with air purifying concrete could make a big contribution to local air purity by reducing the concentration of nitrogen oxides by 25 to 45 percent."

PLplot Notes Its 10,000th Commit 66

iliketrash writes "From the PLplot development team is the announcement of their 10,000th commit: 'PLplot is a cross-platform software package for creating scientific plots that has been in continuous development since its inception 17 years ago. On May 23, 2009 the PLplot developers quietly celebrated our ten thousandth commit since our initial software repository was populated back in May 1992. This longevity puts PLplot in some select company amongst open-source software projects. We may even be unique within this group because all PLplot development has been done by volunteers in their spare time. The enthusiasm for PLplot development continues; we have averaged more than 100 commits per month over the last year which is double our 17-year average, and we are looking forward to the celebration of our next ten thousand commits!'"

Comment Re:Hardly self-destruct (Score 1) 418

Your "rambling" is all correct but not appropriate to the parent comment. He is lamenting that the phrase "explain that to the average person" means "he'll never understand that" Where it is true that you don't need to know the details of how comodities work, you should be receptive to people who try to explain things to you because they think that you need to know the details.

Comment Re:The Children? (Score 1) 590

Teens have been having sex since time immemorial, it's built into us as a species and it's why we are all here. Parents have only been trying to stop it since the onslaught of religion.

As far as I know, various religions restrict the terms of a sexual relationship (they require some sort of institution of marriage) but not the age. In fact, religions recognize the drive for sexual relations and would advise younger marriages. In reality, the concept of underage sex is a tool to stop (or limit) premarital sex. In other words, it is a compromise between the religious stance that all sex outside of marriage is wrong and the current social expectation that adults should be free to enjoy themselves when it doesn't injure others. I'd be more likely to classify the tendency of parents to stop teenage sex as a sense of insecurity than as a dictate of religion (current mass marketers of religion not-withstanding).

Comment What has been gained? (Score 4, Interesting) 347

Why are people so happy? The linked article merely states that the prosecution didn't demonstrate that they had the evidence that they said that they have. I thought that slashdot wanted a verdict of "They are doing everything that is claimed and that is okay because it is legal". Why would slashdot be interested in the competency of the prosecution?

Comment Re:Do not steal (Score 1) 164

I point out to you that the oldest traditional interpretations by a legal system of one of the ten commandments is that you shouldn't steal people. You respond by repeating your own logical arguments that unowned people can't be stolen. You can argue all you want that it shouldn't be classified as theft but to argue that it is impossible to be classified as theft is flying in the face of historical precedence.

Comment Re:Do not steal (Score 1) 164

That is actually somewhat debatable. While most societies considered the enslavement of foreigners, especially conquered people, to be normal, they considered the enslavement of their own to be a form of theft. One of the definitions of "Thou shall not steal" given in wikipedia is you shouldn't steal people.

Further, I would argue that kidnapping is the theft of people whether or not they are used as slave labor.

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