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Comment Source (Score 1) 226

Do you have a credible source stating that it will be removed in the next release? Deprecated usually means that the functionality is being replaced by something new. Your warning for people to make plans for alternate methods seems premature.

Comment More Spying vs. More Sharing (Score 5, Insightful) 240

This is not a case of more spying by the government rather more volunteering of information by the citizens. There's a very simple solution if you don't want government spooks reading your facebook information: Don't post sensitive information on facebook (or anywhere on the internet for that matter)!

Comment Re:A Libertarian World (Score 1) 2058

Well, this is what a libertarian utopia looks like, kids.

I think you're confusing libertarians with anarchists. Sure, they are at the same end of the political spectrum but libertarians believe in limited government not no government. Most libertarians would agree that one of the few areas that government should be involved in is protection. That includes such programs as police, fire & military.

As for "why not put out the fire and then bill him", the $75 fee is not to put out the fire, it's to keep the fire department running when there *isn't* a fire. You can no more pay the bill after you need the service than you can wait until after you get cancer to start paying for medical insurance. The system can't work that way.

That's a flawed argument. As many others have suggested, you would not bill him the insurance premium ($75) but rather the cost of service (whatever that may be) which would include the cost or having the firefighters be on-call.
While I agree that you can't expect to get medical insurance after you get cancer, you can still get medical treatment if you are willing to pay for it yourself.

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