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Comment Re:Larger Tor Isn't Necessarily Better (Score 1) 116

If you are using a well know framework for your site there might already be support for comment spam management. It's not always free as some of them are basically interfaces for a paid service but it may still be worth a look. They would block comment spam in general instead of focusing on comments from a specific set of nodes.

Comment Re:Expert:Ebola Vaccine At Least 50 White People A (Score 2) 390

Oh, come on...

The potential of the drug was discovered in January by the US and Canada. There have been months of people dying in Africa but they don't say a word. Then when two westerners get sick all of a sudden they have the exact amount of medicine needed? Because they didn't hold some back, did they?

Did they contact the WHO and told them that they had an experimental drug that might help? After all, it's been named an epidemic so you can be sure they would have listened. African nations tend to have much milder regulation of medical trails, did they contact those nations and tried to work something out? Getting the drug tested early at a reduced cost would increase their ROI so it would make sense, wouldn't it?

It's not like the west haven't done medical research in africa before.

That's the story my friend not the possibly poor condition of medical research on the African continent.

Comment Re:Men are obsolete (Score 1) 387

Neither the article nor the Utah University publication mention gender. As this was, probably, an evolutionary step I would think the change happened in both genders. Males produce more testosterone so it stands to reason that the change would be more dramatic in them. Second, many take the 'heavy brows' thing to indicate male but it was a species thing. If a heavier bone structure had anything to do with fighting and violence it makes more sense that it would exist in the hand. Your hand can take a lot less punishment then your head. Ask your favorite UFC fighter.

Comment Re:Slippery Slope (Score 1) 186

As the internet becomes more and more available and the amount of information greater we must figure out if and how we want to protect the individual. I'm not sure this "right to be forgotten" is the correct way but it needs to be discussed and we need to figure it out. We will stumble, even fall flat on our faces at times but eventually we'll reach the top and might just find even ground. Although, admittedly, we might also find a plateau or tumble back down. Point is: if we don't try we'll be stuck at the bottom fighting endlessly.

Comment Re:China anyone? (Score 1) 174

So where does 85-90% of the pollution come from?

I'm assuming the impurities in the snow, except for the odd volcanic eruption, are black carbon emissions. This chart suggests Europe, China and the US are equally responsible. China and the US emit the most carbon dioxide which, since it is also emitted when burning fossil fuel, is a good second indicator of where the black carbon is coming from. The second graph seems to blame the US and China more then any individual European country but the EU still has their part to play.

China is burning more coal than the US, CN 65% - US 37%. However, they are also using more renewable energy sources then the US, ~28% vs 12% (US). Both China and the US are expanding their nuclear sectors to double capacity, currently China has 1% vs the US 19%. Worth to note is that the US uses a lot more natural gas then China does (%-wise) which adds to their CO2 emissions but not black carbon. Values for China and for the US.

Point is: everyone's to blame. Besides, Europe and the US have had 100 years to develop their industries so they should already have gotten past the 40 year old upstarts problems, right?

Comment reactivation is key not sleep (Score 1) 85

At the end of the article: "Our data suggest that neuronal reactivation during sleep is quite important for growing specific connections within the motor cortex," Dr. Gan adds.

That suggests that the sleep deprived mice might have created stronger connections if they had a second session on the treadmill while the others were sleeping. As I understand it the study provides physical evidence that current theories about how memories form are not false. Those theories include replaying neuron firing patterns during sleep. It's the 'physical evidence' that's important here from what I gather. The 'sleep helps with memory' is more of a headline.

I'm curious how this translate to humans and abstract thought. For me there seems to be a big difference between remembering how to move your arm and learning algebra.

Comment Re:College (Score 1) 85

Well, yeah, but you probably also plan your studies allowing you to learn what's needed over time instead of trying to memorize an entire book in one night. Trying to focus and do mental work while sleep deprived is usually not a good idea either regardless if you know the subject or not.

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