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Comment Re: There are legitimate use-cases... (Score 1) 59

It's ENTIRELY relevant to risk mitigation.

An online connected system is much more at risk than one needing an inside manual hand. it's why air-gap networks exist.

Mission critical should be air-gapped so that the risks can be reduced.

Updates are only applied after scanning and deployment in test systems, period.

Are you going to stop everything? of course not, but you'll stop a damned lot more than with internet connected mission critical computers.

Comment Re: There are legitimate use-cases... (Score 2) 59

These computers are beyond mission critical. It is entirely possible to update from a local source.

Any even medium sized site will update via a designated update server so you aren't downloading the same update 500 times.

And since your mission critical Machines aren't connected they don't need Adobe updates etc.

Comment Re:Hey, cable companies: (Score 2) 200

The gov't doesn't have to manage it any more than they manage the water or electric networks. You can totally pay a private company to run said network.

But there needs to be ONE network on which all providers provide the service. Just like water and electricity.

I know that's basically what you meant, just stating it explicitly for the trolls :)

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