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Comment Works Great For Me (Score 1) 665

Not a love hate relationship for me; it just works very well. I've been using it as my sole browser [on openSUSE 11.x then 12.x] every day, pretty much all day, for years. It just works. Very well. Reliably. I'm happy with both the performance and the features.

Only time it bombs is when I try to view a 500MB XML file - it doesn't like that.

Comment Re:Umm (Score 3, Interesting) 184

I'm a long time GNOME user, not a GNOME developer.

Bug aside, from reading the rest of these threads, it seems to me like GNOME devs are getting quite a bad reputation these days

Nope, they rock. When KDE did there big roll-out of KDE4 the lists *EXPLODED* with the wailing and gnashing of teeth. KDE4 arrived stable and that loud minority either adapted or went on the something else. Much the same thing happened with GNOME3 - although less than I expected. I moved to GNOME3 from GNOME2 and within a week it was clear that it was a superior system. But some adaptation was required.

And this particular bug is nonsense. Basically: if someone steals your harddrive they can read your data! Really? Wow, that's a surprise. This has always been true, is true of /home, /var. and everything else unless you encrypt everything.

This being said, all the scorn must come from somewhere.

Yes, it comes from a vocal minority who don't realize all these changes where discussed and made out-in-the-open. Now they enjoy pitching a fit and claiming the design changes are somehow being forced upon them.

My humble opinion is that once you reach a critical mass of users, enforcing a new grand-vision that the majority of those users (the ones who acutally chose to use GNOME,

Well, I'm one that uses GNOME ~9 hours a day. For work.

GNOME developers as a whole being bashed for what essentially is one bug in one lib by one person.

Eh. Spend time producing ANY kind of content and you'll eventually get someone who thinks they can get themselves some BLOG karma by bashing you.

The only base GNOME has truly alienated is the base that had made a very conscious and educated choice to use that DE on its technical merits, the ones who felt that the DE allowed them to work the way they want to work.

I want to work efficiently. GNOME3 lets me do that... more than GNOME2 did. This is an important distinction from, based on mail list traffic, people who apparently *NEED* to see the real-time weather report for three cities in the panel clock in order to be productive. I think the group primarily 'alienated' by GNOME3 are the "tweakers". They have a computer almost for the sole purpose of tweaking the appearance of the user-interface. One reads much of those posts and says "eh? really? don't you have something to *do*.".

we'll force our alternative on you.

The use of the term "force" in this context is bogus.

remember that the GNOME team doused itself in gasoline prior to this

Nah, they doused themselves with awesome.

Comment Re:The author's claims are idiotic (Score 1) 1093

And I don't need a PhD, I do enough data analysis to know that -

Quote: plot a simple chart showing temperatures along one axis and dates along another axis. A chart like that can be used to determine if the trend if towards higher temperatures or not.

- won't prove anything either way. Interpreting data takes work and lots of background knowledge. If whatever you did took less than at least a few hours - your analysis is worthless.

Comment Funny to find this here! (Score 1) 1093

If average-totally-unqualified guy felt some restraint about commenting on topics he knows nothing about.... that would end something like 90% of the comments posted on Slashdot?

I know this is the first time I pulled up Slashdot it awhile - the troll factor makes in not work reading and who picks the stories these days? - and seeing this story right there.... Funny.

Submission + - Celebrate 40 years of Unix at Ohio Linuxfest! (ohiolinux.org) 4

murph writes: "Join us at the seventh annual Ohio LinuxFest on September 25-27, 2009 in Columbus, Ohio.
The Ohio LinuxFest is a conference for the Free and Open Source software communities. Featuring talks by authoritative speakers, a large expo, tutorials, and more, the Ohio LinuxFest welcomes Free and Open Source Source professionals and enthusiasts of all ages and from all places to join us as we celebrate 40 years of unix."

Comment Just Ask! (Score 1) 195

Find an Open Source project your interested in (I work on OpenGroupware) and ASK! If you demonstrate you are seriously interested I doubt you'll have any shortage guidance. In Open Source, and probably proprietary shops as well, aspirations also exceed available resources (time).

Comment Re:Open formats concerns are hardly FUD (Score 1) 503

Being concerned about non-free frameworks such as .NET is almost as important as supporting Open Document Format as opposed to .doc and other proprietary formats.

Why? Contrary to the article: *NO* "specifications patented by Microsoft and licensed under undisclosed terms" for use in Mono. This is confusion by the ignorant of the M$/Novell deal with Mono, the two have nothing to do with each other. The Samba team works very closely with M$, has accepted code from M$, and M$ testes Samba on M$ servers... should Samba be excluded from Debian?

Moreover, the .NET framework is superfluous not only because of its "legal" status, but also from the bloatware point of view: having to run yet another slow, bloated, RAM- and CPU-hungry runtime at every boot -- and for what: just for being able to run a tiny yellow sticky-notes applet? No, thanx. The Java runtime is enough. And free. And better.

Better how? Have you done benchmarks? Run some, you'll be suprised.

Comment Re:Frist (Score 1) 503

Microsoft doesn't need to sue. All they need to do is rattle the sabre and put the fear out there that they might begin to go after people.

Right, that is why so many companies with smart legal departments have no issue at all using Mono. Like IBM, Novell, Cannonical, a gillion gaming companies (yet Mono is huge in game development). Because all the non-lawyers here are clearly so much smarter than all their actual lawyers.

Comment Re:Frist (Score 1) 503

If Mono is removed because of licensing issues...

It's not about mono being removed, it's about mono being included by default. Debian should just move mono and apps that depend on it out of main.

Why? Python is included in main. Any software patent that applies to Mono would very likely apply to Python as well.

Comment Re:Frist (Score 1) 503

The biggest problem with this is that if mono is installed by default on systems that makes it more acceptable for ISVs to write their software for Mono/.NET

Great, because there are allot of very good .NET applications and .NET is a very nice development platform.

which will hurt the (Debian or any other) platform if Microsoft suddenly decides to sue and Mono has to be removed.

*NO* "specifications patented by Microsoft and licensed under undisclosed terms" for use in Mono. A patent that applies to Mono almost certainly would equally apply to Java and very probably GCC.

Comment BOGUS! (Score 1) 503

THERE ARE *NO*, *ZERO*, *ZILCH* "specifications patented by Microsoft and licensed under undisclosed terms" used in Mono. *NOTHING* is "licensed" from Microsoft for use in Mono by anyone at all.

When will the flaming @*^$*&^@ ignorance stop?

Do people realize that a software patent that applied to Mono would almost certainly apply to Java? And very possibly GLIBC? Maybe even X? Or GCC? And that Microsoft holds patents that relate to HTML, AJAX, and CSS? Get your heads out of your collective asses and learn what your talking about - or shut the hell up.

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