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Comment Re:Exchanges should not lose inventory! (Score 1) 143

Except that the customers will prefer a small delay, so they'd rather use an exchange where they can immediately withdraw their funds. This is especially true for people wanting to trade back and forth, or those seeking to do arbitrage for profit. Given that you have to put trust in the exchange anyway, you might as well extend the trust a little bit in return for immediate transactions.

Comment Re:Exchanges should not lose inventory! (Score 1) 143

Still, in order for MtGox to facilitate a trade they must have an account per user, that will hold a certain amount of btc and fiat. So, say I wanted to buy 1000 EUR worth of bitcoin, I arrange a bank transfer from my bank to MtGox. This may take a few days, and then they have my money in their account. Now, maybe during that time, the BTC/EUR exchange rate went up, and I decide to wait for the price to drop. In that case, the 1000 EUR will be sitting in their account until I decide to buy btc (or decide to cancel, and transfer it back). If there are enough people like that, they will have quite large sums of money in their account.

Comment Re:Exchanges should not lose inventory! (Score 1) 143

The problem is that in order for an exchange to work properly, transactions need to be cleared instantly. If the fiat money and/or the bitcoins are not stored in accounts on the exchange, how do you propose to quickly clear the exchange ? For example, MtGox was located in Japan, so if I'm in Europe, and I have 1000 EUR in my own bank account, and I wish to buy bitcoin from a seller in the US, when and how do you want to exchange the money and bitcoin for a price we all agree on, and with no risk of someone running away with some of the funds ?

Comment Re:Hahahahhahaha (Score 5, Insightful) 143

You are making a common mistake of claiming that a diverse group of people all have exactly the same opinion and motives. But in reality, the bitcoin supporters are all different people with different opinions. Some may be completely opposed to rules and regulations, while others are not. At any time, you only hear the most vocal and opinionated members of the group express themselves.

Comment Environment (Score 1) 198

Plus, it does not have a negative effect on the environment.

Of course, that depends on how it is used. If the bamboo can be separated from the other materials, it will decompose nicely. It's another matter if you take bamboo fibers and mix them with epoxy.

Comment Re:that's not what determines viewing distance (Score 1) 304

Ideally, the screen would cover your full angle of vision. Yes, this means that if you want to look at all the details, your eyes will have to move. The same thing happens in real life, so it's not a problem. What needs to happen though, is that film makers adjust their camera focal lengths accordingly, so that the size of objects in the media correspond to their real life size so that your eyes and head don't need to make more movements than they would in real life if you were standing there in the scene.

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