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Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 656

Bullshit. There is no such restriction on freedom of speech.

Here is my question, have you ever seen a study (double blind) on the safety of the full schedule of vaccines. Here is the CDC version ...


22 Vaccines from Birth to 15 months alone. You are so 100% sure that 22 schedule is safe and effective? Without Proof or even evidence? That is sciency, not science.

Bullshit. Sure there is. Try yelling "FIRE!" in a crowed movie theater and see how long it takes you to end up in trouble for inciting panic and causing a clear and present danger to those around you. People in trusted positions of authority on medical matters are doing the same thing when they discourage people from getting their vaccines.

Also if you had even the slightest understanding of science and ethics you would know both why such rigorous testing cannot be done and why it isn't necessary. We have mountains of historical data showing that vaccines work.

Your uneducated ravings on this topic are pseudo sciency BS at its worst.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 3, Insightful) 656

Considering that the only way to really test a vaccine is to give one group of people the vaccine, another group of people a placebo, and then expose both groups to the disease I think you can see why vaccines cannot be tested in the traditional sense. Doing so would be horribly unethical. Unless you would like to volunteer for a new HIV or Zika vaccine trial. No? Didn't think so. How about a rotavirus vaccine trial for you infant son/daughter? Still no? Darn.

However we do have mountains of evidence showing that vaccines do prevent the occurrence of a disease in a population of people. Ever wonder why there hasn't been a case of smallpox, arguably the deadliest disease humanity has ever known, since 1977 despite it plaguing our civilization for thousands of years? Its got nothing do with with eating more natural food or people getting exercise. The same goes for polio here in the states, and measles, and a bunch of other things that used to kill and cripple people all the time. Did you know that it was common practice not to name kids until they were about 5 as recently as the early 1900's? It was to try to avoid getting to attached to them while they were young because so many kids didn't make it to that age until the advent of vaccines against common childhood diseases.

Your flagrant disregard for ethical considerations and clearly established historical data that gets in the way of your world view sounds an awful lot like religion to me.

Comment Re:I have been roling my own for years (Score 1) 247

I have a pfSense router built on a C2758 Atom CPU (specifically this board: http://www.supermicro.com/prod...) paired to a couple of Unifi APs (http://www.amazon.com/Ubiquiti-Networks-Enterprise-Unifi-UAP/dp/B00HXT8R2O). Its the best home network I have ever had. And that is including some DD-WRT stuff that I used to use for wifi in conjunction with some actual Cisco gear that I used to use. (ASA 5505 firewall, 3745 router, ect...) I can't see myself ever going back to a consumer grade wifi router. Sure its total overkill. But being able to set up a Site to Site VPN to my friend's place and an OpenVPN server for remote access without having to worry about CPU usage is pretty nice. Being able to have separate SSIDs and corresponding VLANs for guests and my kids and such is also nice. The Unifi APs give better wifi than any consumer grade device I have ever used. I am seriously considering upgrading to dual band AC models.

Comment Re:It Depends on Why You Are Using Hash Codes (Score 1) 87

And TLS 1.0 and 1.1 both use md5(data).sha1(data) to sign the initial handshake. And since concatenating hashes provides no real additional security this lets an attacker muck around with the initial TLS exchange and perform a protocol downgrade attack by defeating TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV and/or also choose the symmetric cipher used in the TLS session. While its not a full plaintext recovery of the TLS session contents it is certainly not a good thing.

Comment Re:Let's Encrypt is only for encryption (Score 2) 123

99.99% of internet users are not like you. They do not understand, nor do they care about, how TLS and certificate authorities work. If they see a little lock in their address bar then they are "safe" as far as they are concerned. To most people a StartSSL cert is exactly the same as an EV cert used by a banking site. The fact that one creates a green address bar or whatever and the other does not is totally lost on them and makes no difference. Granted this is a problem. But I don't think it is one that can be solved via technical means. Lets face it. Most people just don't know enough about how the internet works to be able to use it safely.

Submission + - US Supply of IPv4 Addresses To Run Out Soon (newsfactor.com)

gunner_von_diamond writes: The U.S. is on track to run out of IPv4 addresses sometime this summer, although most everyday Internet users aren't likely to notice any changes. For Internet service providers (ISPs), however, IPv4 exhaustion means they have to begin — if they haven't already — making plans to transition to IPv6.
Such IP address exhaustion should no longer be a problem once ISPs and enterprises convert to IPv6, the 128-bit number protocol first deployed in 1999 to replace IPv4. IPv6 will support 340 trillion trillion trillion possible addresses, but organizations currently using IPv4 will have to upgrade their networks to be able to take advantage of that much larger address pool.

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 2) 73

This closely mirrors my own experience with Republic Wireless. I have been using their Moto G on the $25 a month plan for about a year and it has been flawless. The only wifi networks I use are at home and at the office (and the occasional free wifi at a a coffee shop, hotel, or the like) but that covers something like 70% of my phone usage anyway. I stream Pandora over the cell network every day while commuting to and from work and I have never even come close to data cap. Call hand-offs between wifi and cell and seamless and the phone is very smart about avoiding bad wifi connections or access points with blocked ports. The only real downside is the limited selection of phones. The Moto X, Moto G, and Moto E are all they offer so if you are in love with the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy you are out of luck. However the Moto phones are reasonable high end, mid range, and entry level devices respectively.

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