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Comment Re:Why Apple is good (Score 1) 715

" try to make your stuff more like Apple's products"

you mean dumb it down? make each new version make the older version obsolete? or sell the white version for a $100 more?

You call that dumbing it down, I call it making stuff more accessible. Compare GIMP to Photoshop. Is it really dumbing it down or spending just a few seconds thinking what other users want to do, and improving the interface to do it? Your product might be the best and most powerful in the whole world, but if no one can use it, what good does it do?

Comment Why Apple is good (Score 0, Troll) 715

I am a geek with good understanding about Linux. I probably know more about computers than your typical Slashdot geek. But you know what? I bought my first Apple product last week and I can see why people like it.

And why I don't think Apple forcing their way is bad? Because they have done much larger good for general computing than Linux and even Windows have ever done. People like Apple's products and that is only because they have "forced" their views about computers. Unless Steve Jobs and others did this we would still look like bunch of nerds and geeks. But Steve Jobs came and changed that. He actually made computing cool. And no, I haven't always thought this way. I did think Apple was really damaging for computing ecosystem, with this exact reason. However, after trying Apple's products I can honestly say what Apple does is good for geeks. Maybe Linux didn't succeed, but we have something much better - cool OS based on BSD.

Seriously, try one of Apple's products. It's not hard to see why they're so popular. And for Linux devs - try to make your stuff more like Apple's products.

Comment Re:the one and only (Score 5, Insightful) 290

No please. I fully understand that it may please some "I'm so good" geek, but it's not nice for people. This is the problem with Linux in general. It is fully done by people who cannot market themselves or their products. As much as geeks hate marketing, it is needed. Not only for products, but also to other people. You want to know why geeks lack with women? Because they cannot market themselves. And no, that doesn't mean only pushing yourself. Bad marketers do that. It is about making yourself more likeable and subtly noting what user gains (be that either from using Linux, or being your girlfriend). Yes, you may think it sucks. But people in general are just for thinking for themselves. Sooner you realize this the sooner you enjoy living. People are self centerous. That does not mean it's bad - it just means they're human.

So what the hell does "Slackware, still the best after all these years" tells me? Nothing at all. Why is it best? What do I gain by using Slackware? How would it be better for me than using OSX? Steve Jobs understood this. He cared about user experience and clearly told people why it is good. Even Ubuntu fails to do this. And no, people aren't going to spend time trying to research such things unless there is absolutely need. I enjoyed tinkering with these things as teen. Now I have better stuff to do. Either tell me what I gain from using Linux, or I'm not even going to try it.

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