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Comment Re:Nuclear power (Score 1) 293

The only way away from this is to increase the amount of factual information to counter lobbying

So how has increased amount of factual information thwarted subsidies of corn based ethanol? Despite the large volume of knowledge that corn based subsidized ethanol is the worst possible solution to fight climate change, it is going full speed ahead thanks to lobbying by the corn producing states and nobody is doing anything at the grass roots to stop it. This, despite the inevitable destruction of recent model cars when the EPA demands an increase in (corn based) ethanol percentage in gasoline.

Comment Re:there are many other distractions. (Score 1) 291

It is NOT that there are other modes of distraction, it is the frequency of phone related incidents and how pervasive distracted driving due to phones which is the problem.

I've been riding a bicycle consistently on the street since the 1970's in areas which were considered NOT bicycle friendly. Yet, never had a problem with distracted drivers almost (and in other people's cases, did) hitting me until recently. And when you observe how many people are looking down while they are driving nowadays, it's downright scary. Ask any road bicyclist what their opinion is on cell phone distracted drivers, it's a real and dangerous problem out there.

Comment Re:Are you !$&%@$ kidding? Seriously &%*(# (Score 3, Insightful) 361

Not only that, their entry level model has TWO, count em, TWO total USB-C ports! One of these ports will be probably utilized by the charger, so that leaves ONE ONE ONE open port.

This replaces a Magsafe charger port, two thunderbolt ports, HDMI port, and a SD card slot!

Even their so called wide gamut display uses the P3 color space, and is usually used for projectors. If you want to create content, the display should be a Adobe RGB based gamut. This laptop must be designed for consume only purposes, not to create content.

Really Apple? You must either be attempting to drive your fan base away from laptops or turning your laptops into consume-only devices like your iPhones. Which begs the question why is this laptop labelled "Pro"? Pro what?

Comment 21st century version of payola? (Score 5, Insightful) 81

Isn't this another form of payola? Isn't the principal the same, where a company influences people promoting a product with money? I don't see the difference between a 1950's DJ pushing a song after getting paid by the record company while the listener doesn't know it's being promoted and a 2016 overenthusiastic Internet reviewer getting paid by the company making the product while the reader doesn't know it's being promoted. Same marketing mechanism, same ethical problem, same net result.

Of course, you know paying online reviewers will never be made illegal because politicians are now doing this in droves!

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