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Journal Journal: Back to reality

Wow, just got back from India and have to go back to work now. Jet lag is really keeping me from actually wanting to do anything. I guess that is why I am sitting here writing in this journal and playing on my Visor. I have to admit, India was an eye opening experience. I've lived my life inside the USA only venturing as far outside as Canada and most different was Hawaii. If you ever get a chance to go to Calcutta (Kolkata is the new name), do it. It is absolutely nothing like I thought it would be, yet incredibly just like it was told to me. English is spoken all over. Never had a problem conversing. I also went with a Calcutta native, so I basically cheated on that part.

I absolutely had a wonderful time. We took an overnight train to Visakhapatnam and got to enjoy some incredible views of the countryside. They say you haven't seen India until you've seen it from a train. I agree. Beautiful. So many bridges. So much water. So many different landscapes. Oh, quitting time. Better go home and sleep now.

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