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Comment Re:Kiosks can be good for non-native speakers (Score 1) 921

For the same reasons anyone travels. For the experience. I was there initially for work. But took an extra week and a half for personal travel. Overall it was a great trip. Knowing the language isn't always a necessity. I've been to around 10 countries. It's easy enough to get around knowing a few words.

Comment Kiosks can be good for non-native speakers (Score 1) 921

Everyone will look at this from a "losing jobs" aspect. There's nothing wrong with that view point and it's perfectly valid. However, I will put forth this alternate view. Kiosks in McDonald's while I was in France were a great thing for me. Not speaking French it meant I was able to order without the inconvenience of the language barrier.

In this case, they are actively trying to get rid of employees. And that side is a shame. But I wouldn't mind seeing more kiosk style ordering stations in fast food places. Along with the option to talk to a person.

Comment Re:I haven't (Score 1) 561

Incorrect. You're millage may vary depending on your situation. But there is always value in history and the knowledge gained through that time.

One of the important reasons I'm valued in my field is directly related to my knowledge of how we got to where we are. Why we do some things the way we do. And no, it's not just to do things the same way we've always done them.

Comment Re: Dear Adam. (Score 2) 321

I actually go outside to the edge of my property to gauge the impact of my sound system on the surrounding neighborhood. And I live out in the country. There are plenty of us that have the means and capability to not go to the theaters.

This is just another reason for me to not go. Yes, they may draw one crowd. They'll exclude another. As long as they make money in the long run, who gives a shit? That's what business is all about.

Comment Re:Legal? (Score 1) 665

There seems to be a great deal of assumption in your post. Mostly that the person installing linux is incompetent and the windows machine was installed by some highly trained tech. Both assumptions that may or may not be correct.

I've been around this stuff since the days of slackware 1.0. I've enjoyed the days of Windows 3.0 when it was usually faster to just do something at a command line than it was to start up that turd. I've been through KDE, GNOME, Enlightenment and various other window managers. I'm currently a Mac person simply because when I finally got into it a few years ago my reaction was "This is what I've been trying to get linux to be for years!!!".

Do I curse at windows? Yes
Do I curse at linux? Yes
Do I curse at my Mac? Yes

Each of them has their pain points. But trying to argue that linux is perfectly suitable replacement for windows is asinine. And quite frankly ignorant. There are still many rough edges to the linux world that the majority of users simply don't have the time or expertise to put up with.

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