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Comment And e-payment systems never fail? (Score 1) 216

I always carry a couple hundred in cash just in case, and it has come in handy. Over the summer I was waiting in line at the grocery store when their POS system decided to take a nap and stopped processing credit or debit transactions - cash only, said the cashier. This was a major Canadian grocery chain, not a mom and pop corner store. As far as I could see across several checkout lines, I was the only one with cash - everyone else had to queue up at the single ATM to withdraw money to pay for their purchases.

I get the privacy issues some people are raising here. But until the day when electronic payment systems are bullet-proof (probably long after I've shuffled off this mortal coil), I will continue to carry a wad of bills in my pocket.

Comment Re:We heared the same over and over again (Score 1) 426

Point being: if the people at the very top of the income and ownership classes have any sense of self-preservation, they'll realize that it's easier to spread some of the wealth and well being around voluntarily, because if that is not done eventually it will tear societies apart and endanger the elites themselves.

You give the ownership class too much credit. They're just as foolish as we are, and like the Wile E. Coyote will realize they're in free-fall only after they have raced off the edge of the cliff.

Comment Re:Enclosed offices cost more (Score 3, Informative) 290

Correct. However, management loves hearing the accountant (who did the simple calculation of savings per employee * number of employees) who says "hey, we can save $xK/month". But no one listens to that same accountant when he says "hey, we might be losing some money because we have everyone packed in like pigs heading for slaughter."

Comment Re: Not enough affordable housing? (Score 1) 271

I can't comment on Seattle or San Francisco, but here I Toronto it seems like every second older building in the downtown core is being razed and replaced with a high rise condo. Yet prices and rents continue to soar at double digits year over year. Some of it is driven by immigration and speculators but even the suburban communities around the city are experiencing unprecedented price increases on properties. Demand is simply outstripping supply.

Comment Ford "Stynk" is more like it (Score 2) 292

I tried connecting my 32GB Apple iPod to it in my 2012 Ford Fusion. It attempted to index every song and crashed in the process, and became stuck on disc 2 of Pink Floyd's The Wall. It would not play anything else until I did a hard reset of the system. The only way I connect to it now is through the Aux jack in the centre console.

Comment Re: If You're not rich, have a bright future! (Score 1) 367

The problem will correct itself. When enough people are out of work and unable to afford cars, then the carmakers will lose money and some will go bankrupt. And the economy will end up in the shitter, the unemployed will riot, the government will call out the national guard/armed forces to shoot a few hundred thousand people, and there will be fewer people looking for a work. Problem solved.

Submission + - Microsoft Buys LinkedIn for $26.2B (

WhatHump writes: Business Insider announced this morning that Microsoft is buying LinkedIn, a social networking service for business, for $26.2 billion. "Microsoft will pay $196 per share for the company. LinkedIn CEO will remain CEO of the professional social network, and will report to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Under the terms of the acquisition, LinkedIn will maintain its “distinct brand, culture, and independence.”
Suddenly I feel very smug for being too lazy to sign up for LinkedIn.

Comment Waste of Money (Score 1) 46

I don`t see a company spending money on an expensive robot receptionist that will wear out and break down, when they can simply install a large LED display, connected to a web cam, that shows an animated image instead.

Comment Re:Asking to avoid it is the reason to require it (Score 1) 278

Seconded. I have a benign tumour in the left side of my head (acoustic neuroma) that was detected many years ago. It has not changed in size in over a decade (verified by regular MRI's) and so far has not caused me any grief. If it did start growing, one method to stop it would be to zap it with gamma radiation; however, that carries the risk that the tumour then turns malignant. So if I'm ever forced to go through one of those "death ray boxes" I'll tell the TSA agent my cancer-risk story and see where that leads.

Comment Re:True enough (Score 3, Interesting) 519

There are many reasons for targetting Paris. It's a world-class city, it's streets are alive with locals and tourists, giving gunmen lots of easy targets. The French are very proud of their history as standard-bearers of liberty and freedom, ideals detested by fanatics that treat women like dirt and anyone that does agree with them as candidates for death. And France itself does not have clean hands. Its colonialist past, most recently in Algeria, resulted in a lot of carnage back home.

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