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Comment What did you expect? (Score 1) 279

Every previous case where we gave host ship to a nation of ill repute like Nazi Germany Soviet Russia Dictatorial Korea has ended badly so why did anybody expect anything different from the most oppressive dictatorial nation on the face of the earth who has done same for longer than any other nation with no different results than it has had over the last 5000 years (repressive and negative evolutionary results).
    Really seriously you think that they will shape up now that media attention has been focused on a nation that ignored and buried a video recorded case of a Chinese tank running over an innocent unarmed Chinese student?

    Ok so they didn't really bury it so much as refuse to acknowledge its existence and make every other business and news organization basically not talk about it by whatever way they could.

    To conclude me for my part to state my opinion I will not view or take part in any way shape or for in the Communist Chinese imperialistic excuses for an Olympics games.

    The rest of you can do as you please but you have to live with your own choice of weather or not to support this inhuman monstrous oppresionistic excuse for an Olympics games if you can even laughingly call it that.

    But don't stand their for one second and try to convince the rest of us here that it's anything other than what it is. You can force thoughts living under thoughts conditions that it is that (or die) but to expect anybody else to laughingly say so is just plain insane.

    Really grow a brain or at least try.

    Bottom Line this Olympics games is nothing other than A joke and a platform for communist china to spew more of its oppressive communistic rhetoric.

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