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Comment Re:Zuckerberg is so full of shit. (Score 0) 217

I'm sure Zuckerburg is all for privacy. He probably has window shows, locks on his doors, and doesn't tell everyone his personal health problems. No one forces you to get a Facebook. No one forces you to connect to friends, post photos of yourself peeing being cars in college, or post status updates about where you like it (your purse that is). If you join Facebook, that's your choice. The recent WSJ article about facebook apps stealing your data is alarmist. You submit to sharing your information with them (and whoever else they say) when you agree to play their game. Same as when you buy a car or house... the dealership or bank takes your info and sells it to all kinds of people. The devil's in the fine print.

Submission + - Government wants to decrypt... everything (

Wh15per writes: "Stumped" by drug dealers using peer-to-peer software, the U.S. Government is seeking to have a backdoor key to everything encrypted. A bill submitted by the Obama Administration next year will seek all providers with encrypted communicatons (Including Facebook & Skype) to have backdoor keys to allow lawful intercept for law enforcement purposes. I wonder if they're going to require backdoors to cereal box keyring decoders?

Comment Re:EASY button. (Score 2, Interesting) 635

Agreed. You don't get to call 911 three times for bullshart reasons around here. You call 911 and it's not an emergency, you get a nice citation. Second time, you get arrested. We do not have the time, nor financial robustness to deal with people pranking the system. Keep in mind these people were not just calling the rangers for a ride or because they had a question. They were utilizing their emergency transponders, which are the equivlent of dialing "911" in the forest.

Comment My College (Score 1) 428

I have two social science degrees (Bachelors and Masters), and I got bored, and wanted to expand my career horizons, so I'm going back for a bachelors in Computer Science. I started out at the local public community college to knock out some of the math courses I didn't need for my other degrees. So far, I have been shocked at the quality of education. The math courses were alright, but not great. The computer courses however, have been horrific. I had a 96 in the last class I took, and half-butted the final. I got back a perfect on it. I quiried the instructor and told him I knew I had made mistakes on the project (Already had my A, didn't care), and he responde with "Well, you turned something in, which is more then most of your classmates, so I just gave you an A." That speaks volumes about the *quality* of student being produced. I'm sure just turning something in will make my future employers estatic. Then again, compared to the competition in my class, I'm solid gold. Too bad I'll get my ass kicked by some foreigner who has a *real* education. And frankly, I understand completely why.

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