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Submission + - Imminent Death of the Largest Lake on the Earth ( 1

reporter writes: According to a disturbing report by the "Wall Street Journal", the world's largest body of fresh water is about to meet its demise. Known as Lake Baikal, this pristine creation of Mother Nature "contains one-fifth of the world's unfrozen fresh water and has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site".

Unfortunately for humankind, Lake Baikal is situated near a paper mill now owned by Oleg Deripaska, a wealthy confidant of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The mill had been dumping toxic waste into the lake from 1966 until October 2008. In 2008, a court banned the further discharge of waste into the lake, and Deripaska shutdown the mill.

Then, last week Putin signed a decree that removes "waste discharges in the production of pulp, paper and cardboard from a list of operations banned by environmental legislation in and around" Lake Baikal. This decree legalized the continued dumping of toxic waste into the lake.

Freed from inconvenient environmental rules, Deripaska will soon restart the mill. He claims that he has upgraded the technology of the mill to the point that it will "not do any ecological harm to the lake".

Submission + - Linux Datacenters More Virtual Than Windows, Get L (

LinuxScribe writes: " is reporting that Linux x86 datacenter users are much more likely to use virtualization technology and gain the benefit of significant total-cost-of-ownership savings than Microsoft datacenter users. In some cases, the savings from full virtualization implementations on Linux can approach 60 percent less than similar implementations on Microsoft platforms."
The Courts

Submission + - US DOJ Defends RIAA's $9250-per-file verdict (

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "In what has been dubbed "the Bush administration's most blatant support of the commercial music industry yet", the United States Department of Justice has intervened in the Capitol v. Thomas case, on the side of the RIAA and against Ms. Thomas, filing a brief (pdf) which defends the constitutionality of the $9250-per-song-file jury verdict. The Government justified the award by arguing that the damages awarded "were not 'so severe and oppressive as to be wholly disproportioned to the offense or obviously unreasonable'", and that "it is impossible to calculate the damages caused by a single infringement, particularly for infringement that occurs over the internet"."
The Internet

Submission + - How to clear my name? 3

VoiceofDoom writes: A while ago I parted company with a client over their refusal to pay for the IT support service that I had been providing for them. I wrote them off as a bad debt and asked that they remove my name and details from all their IT systems, since I no longer wanted to have anything to do with them, and wasn't interested in their marketing emails.

A quick check of Google for my name recently, revealed that the company has falsified a testimonial from me, glowing with praise for their services. Now my name and email address are plastered all over their site, and they have ignored repeated requests from me that they remove both my personal details and the fake testimonial.

As they haven't infringed on trademarks or copyright, I am not really sure what recourse is available to me to get this personal info and made-up testimonial removed from their website. Can any law-savvy Slashdotters help? FYI — both I and the offending company are UK-based.

Journal Journal: Is music quality decreasing, or it is just perception?

Slashdot is very adept at pointing out the antics of the MAFIAA (MPAA and RIAA), and their effort to sue people for downloading "undocumented" music and movies. There is always someone who makes a valid point that people are not paying for music simply because they are cheap and P2P is easier, but also because the quality of music has been degrading over time. So my question to slashdot, is this true?

Feed Science Daily: New Treatment Option For Life-Threatening Symptom Of Parathyroid Cancer (

New research reveals that the drug cinacalcet HCl (cinacalcet) may effectively reduce the dangerous accumulation of calcium in the blood that typically accompanies parathyroid cancer. This drug therapy could provide a new and effective medical treatment option for patients with inoperable parathyroid carcinoma (cancer).

Feed Science Daily: Marine Team Finds Surprising Evidence Supporting A Great Biblical Flood (

Did the great flood of Noah's generation really occur thousands of years ago? Was the Roman city of Caesarea destroyed by an ancient tsunami? Will pollution levels in our deep seas remain forever a mystery? These are just a few of the questions that are being addressed by a new environmental marine research team. Scientists and Swedish environmental philanthropist Andreas Weil are collaborating on an adventure in research aboard "The Mediterranean Explorer." The floating laboratory and educational facility is taking on some of the deepest mysteries of the Mediterranean waters and is bringing together scientists from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Issues of global warming, climate change, and even biblical history are being probed in this exciting initiative.

Submission + - BIND 8 security flaw forces ISC to EOL it

The Swedish Cook writes: ISC announces BIND 8 End-of-Life in response to a security vulnerability demonstrated by security researcher Amit Klein from Trusteer. The EOL announcement mentions this vulnerability and also suggests, as an alternative, a patch. The vulnerability paper describes an attack agains BIND 8 transaction ID number generator; a similar attack was described earlier by the researcher, for BIND 9. Apparently ISC did not do their homework...

Feed Science Daily: Bleeding, Not Inflammation, Is Major Cause Of Early Lung Infection Death (

Researchers believe they have discovered why a bacterial lung infection is so lethal in the early stages, and it's not what medical authorities had thought. The study reveals for the first time that a toxin released by bacteria causes severe bleeding in the lungs by patients with pneumococcal pneumonia. It is the bleeding, the authors argue, not inflammation as once thought, which makes the infections deadly. The same study also reveals why antibiotics often fail to help prevent early death. Despite vaccine, one million children still die of pneumococcal infections.

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