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Comment Re:Please help me find the tech angle on this. (Score 1) 1109

You don't understand. The media will be on this for MONTHS. Or at least until another mass murder or terrorist attack happens. It won't surprise me if there's a movie on it. Everyone wants a piece on this tragedy. 20/20 will have a special on this tonight. CNN will milk the SHIT outta this. Its what happens here. I can't stand it. I go to 7/11 in the morning to get my coffee and its whats on the news on both screens. Head to the bar after work for a beer and its there too. I haven't owned TV in five years because of the media. Our entire country is focused on bad news. It sucks.

Comment The difference between MA and NH. (Score 0) 1109

I grew up in southie. Moved to upstate NH years ago. Its crazy how different things are up here. If there was a manhunt looking for someone with bombs and guns I can assure you we wouldn't be taking cover in our homes. We'd be on our porches ready. The news stories would be completely different I assure you.

Comment Where do they get my number in the first place? (Score 1) 216

I'm curious as to where they get my number in the first place. Are the calls just randomly generated to call any ten digits? Or does some company I'm affiliated with sell my info?

Either way, phone rings there's only two people I answer to. The rest goes to VM. I for one wish there wasn't such a need for a phone.

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