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Comment Re:Release cycles? (Score 5, Informative) 1231

On the very poll you linked to it says this -

  *** Disclaimer for those willing to analyse this poll ***
  Most of users voting here are users with issues.
  Users with painless experience are not likely to come here.
  If you want to compare Karmic release with other releases based on this poll anyway here are the previous polls :

Comment Re:The future of IT as we know it (Score 1) 260

I think it goes back and fourth.

My company hired Sr people who knew what they were doing, but were all expensive.

Then the saw things like "PHP programmer", you can get half a dozen for cheap.

So they saw "Programming language" + "Cheap programmers" and thought - Great, lets get it!

Then we needed twice as many servers, and had twice as many issues, and suddenly security issues we've never had before existed.

Whatever money was saved on people was lost in additional servers, power, cooling, bandwidth, security, training, managing, etc.

You get what you pay for.

Its a cycle.

Servers get faster - And all that speed is used for is slower programs written by newer programmers.

Then they go back and hire a Sr again, and suddenly things are twice as fast, and then we hire experienced people again.

I've been here long enough that it was "perl", then "java", now "PHP". I figure Ruby will be the next crazy.

Meanwhile my team is still using perl and C and our applications are getting faster, not slower.

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