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Submission + - Independent feature film released for free - "The Amateur Monster Movie" (

Wescotte writes: "The Amateur Monster Movie is the first feature length film by King's Tower Productions and writer/director Kyle Richards, all filmed within an hour of Milwaukee, WI over the course of 57 days during the summers of 2009 and 2010. It was shot as a "no-budget" film and the entire cast and crew worked for free on owned or borrowed equipment. Only food, fuel, and minor prop expenses were incurred throughout the entire production. The film premiered at Milwaukee's Oriental Theatre on midnight of January 1, 2011 to a record crowd of over 700. After a few film festival appearances, highlighted by the Wisconsin Film Festival and, a cast and crew favorite, the Oshkosh Horror Film Festival, Richards decided to release the film for free online, a move intended to encourage more movies and media to do the same and allow free media access to everyone online.

The film can be streamed from Vimeo and Youtube or download via torrent at Pirate Bay, KAT, and magnet link.

PLOT SUMMARY: After a group of boy scouts are mysteriously killed by a wolf-like creature on Cadaverous Island, Walter Romero, whose best friend was among the killed, sets out to find exactly what happened. In order to reach the island, Walter teams up with Johnny Mason, neighborhood stoner, to smoke up Ashley Valinski, neighborhood hottie, and get her to take them out on her father's boat. But soon after arriving on Cadaverous Island, a horde of zombies steals their boat, leaving them stranded, and the three are forced to team up with two cops, the mayor, and a team of botanists to either kill the monsters... or be killed themselves....

More information and production stills can be found at the Facebook Page, IMDB, and the official web site

Hope you enjoy the film!"

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