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Comment Re:Uh, DVR? (Score 1) 274

It wouldn't be too difficult to pack a few hard drives or SSDs with a few thousand movies and episodes of TV shows. Ironically, while it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to buy all those DVDs and rip them, it would cost a lot more money to send the media holding the video files to mars. There would be a lengthy time-lag for emails, but that's little different than email is already.

Do not underestimate the bandwidth of a spaceship full of tapes!

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Yahoo Music Engine

squeaky_shoes writes: "Recently I had let Yahoo's Music Engine drop (no renewal) for the fact that I suspected that their services offered wernt quite up to spec due to the DRM issues and offered inferior choices in content. Since I was a dum ass and simply ripped a mega-tude of my own music of mp3's/wma's on Yahoo's Music Engine, and now that I have quit, using my ol buddy WINAMP to play, guess what I need to RENEW my licenses to listen to my own music. Chalk this one up to "I shoudda known""

Submission + - Making a Real Living Out of a Second Life Career

blackbearnh writes: "The virtual community known as Second Life has been getting a lot of press lately, as the hyperbolic real estate market has made some residents into real life millionaires. The Christian Science Monitor set out to find some Second Lifers making a good living doing something other than land speculation. It wasn't hard to find. From the article:

Blaze Columbia is, by any measure, doing well with his line of designer clothing. He's on track to generate more than $100,000 in annual profits, barely a year after launching his business. And that's in addition to a first career as a professional photographer. There's just one big difference between the clothing that this Missouri resident produces and that of any other top-of-the-line dress or business suit: His don't exist — at least not in the physical world.

The article also considers the real life problems that Second Life may face as virtual money is used for real world vices. From the article:

Some SL businesses already may be operating outside current law. Casino gambling and sports betting are pervasive in SL. The fact that bets are made in lindens, not dollars, won't shield gamblers from possible prosecution under federal laws banning Internet gambling, says Jaclyn Lesch, a spokeswoman for the US Justice Department. "Regardless of how one pays for the bet, it is still a bet if it involves something of value. While not a credit card or cash, [virtual currencies] would still be a 'thing of value' especially considering the fact that they are later redeemed for cash.

Truth in advertising: The submitter is also the author of the article."
Linux Business

Submission + - Linus on why the kernel is "special"

daria42 writes: In this one minute video, Linus explains why the Linux kernel is "special". "I have always felt that the thing that makes the kernel special is it never does anything on its own ... It has no agenda. It is at the mercy of all the "real" programs that actually do something for the user," he says. "I try to see what are the issues that users have with programs and what are things that we in the kernel can help them do better," he said.

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