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Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 250

...If it is much safer overall than a human driver, it would be wrong to not release the software, even if it has obvious limitations that will eventually result in a accident.

Of course. And being much safer than a human driver, manufacturers should not have a problem with being liable for when errors do occur, right?

Comment Re:Another way to look at this is.. (Score 2) 400

People unemployed by technical innovations don't suddenly remain unemployed for life, we have this thing called supply and demand that says their labor is reallocated towards the next-best end.

Just because it worked this way before, it doesn't mean it will work that way forever.
It can be argued that technological innovations that luddites feared and denounced used to take decades to be implemented, giving enough time for worker populations to adapt and "reallocate". A generation in their formative years could assess the situation and make sure they don't learn an obsolete set of skills.
Nowadays innovation seems to take place at a much faster pace. It's possible that by the time you finish learning something, it becomes obsolete, and you remain unemployable. I'm not saying this is the situation NOW, but it could happen, especially with so many advances in AI, robotics and automatization.

Comment Re:"Some" data? (Score 2) 103

Nobody who is trying to do things right, is going to use anything like that.

Oh, you're such a nerd. Not that's anything wrong with that! But the world doesn't work like that. Most of the people don't make app usage decisions based whether or not they're based on open standards / protocols, but on what kind of User Experience they get from the apps. In that sense, Whatsapp was FAR FAR better than the SMS they were competing with they started, back in 2009-10. The rest is history.

Submission + - French TV network TV5Monde targeted in 'pro-Isis' cyberattack (

An anonymous reader writes: French broadcaster TV5Monde is today working to regain control of its 11 television channels and online platforms after hackers claiming ties with the Islamic State hijacked its network on Wednesday evening, forcing the media group to show only pre-recorded content. The television network was able to return in part to its planned schedule by 1:00am (23:00 GMT) last night, after the hacking group had suspended its broadcast services for three hours. Yves Bigot, the Parisian company’s director general, said that the network had been “severely damaged” by an “unprecedented attack” which would have taken weeks to prepare. The hacking group posted threats and shared a collection of files across TV5Monde’s Facebook page which it claimed were copies of ID cards and CVs of relatives of French soldiers involved in anti-IS operations.

Comment Re:Of course they're the same. (Score 1) 134

...I myself was always FOR net neutrality, but I'm aware this kind of initiatives (which by the way is mandated by the ISP regulation in my country) would suffer if N.N. is fully enforced.

It should read:
"...I'm aware this kind of initiatives would suffer if N.N. (which by the way is mandated by the ISP regulation in my country) is fully enforced..."

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