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User Journal

Journal Journal: Whats going on here?

It's weird...
I just got moderatorpoints - again. Had 'em just a few weeks ago.
Am asked to metamoderate - again. Done that about once a week since I moderated last.
Oh well.. I better hunt good for posts deserving of my points then, always recalling to rather mod up than down.
update 13/9-2003: Just metamoderated again.. am I one of the choosen few?
User Journal

Journal Journal: Hmmm... fans turns friends

Well, what do you know? I poked around here today and I discovered I've somehow picked up a new fan (don't ask me why or when, I don't have the faintest). However, this new fan writes a journal, and it was rather thoughtfull reading.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I've made friends out of my fans. I did consider makeing foes out of my freaks too, but since I really don't hate them, I see no point.

Oh, First Post too... in my journal that is =)

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